I’ve Moved!

So, I’ve been very busy this weekend, working on a little something.
I can finally show you all – Charlottesteggz.com!

For a little while I’ve felt a little embarrassed about my Sherbet and Sparkles name…it’s kinda lame and I don’t even have a cat called Sherbet anymore. So I bought and built CharlotteSteggz.com as a place to put all my work, my writing and also my comedy (more on that later!)
SO please update your bookmarks, Feedly links and so on – the Facebook page likers don’t need to do anything. I know it’ll be a little while before I can get as many followers on the new site again but I ask for your understanding…it’s all for the best, promise!


6 thoughts on “I’ve Moved!

  1. I actually liked the Sherbet and Sparkles name… it’s what drew me to your blog. But I have a mental age of about six, so that probably explains why I’m drawn to sparkles 😉

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