Frankfurt Itinerary – What to do in Frankfurt


So you have a layover in Frankfurt? Or you live here and have people visiting? Perhaps you are here on a day trip? This post is for all of you, and for anyone else who needs to fill a day or two in Frankfurt.

Frankfurt is seen to be a boring place to visit. The truth is, it does kind of suck for tourism but it is great for living. However, there are things to do here and I’ve successfully entertained visiting friends, parents, grandparents as well as Couch Surfing visitors as well. Here’s my itinerary maker for Frankfurt which will hopefully help you have a great time!

Big Day-Fillers

These are things that will take up most of a day. It’s probably best to have one of these and then place smaller things around it.

Frankfurt walking tour – 3+ hours walking for just 10 euros.

Frankfurt zoo – 10 euros and can easily amuse you for a whole day. I’ve been there twice, for about 5 hours each time and I’ve not covered the whole place yet.

The Senckenberg Museum – Known as the “dead zoo”. 8 euros and keeps you busy for most of the day. Try not to go on school holidays.

The Flea Market – A massive flea market that takes place on the Sachsenhausen side of the river every other week. Check the link and where it says “Schaumainkai” is a day when it’s in Sachsenhausen. Be warned – this isn’t a place where you’ll get many bargains!


Smaller Things

Padding for around your big day filler!

The Dialog Museum – The blind museum. You’re taken round an “experience” where it’s so dark it’s like you are blind. Probably not good for children. 16 euros for the 60 minute tour, 19 for the 90 minute tour.

The Cathedral – I’d advise going here with the walking tour as they give really excellent explanations about the history and so on of the building.

Mini Golf – Good for a few hours!

Markets – Aside from the flea market, there are many other great markets in Frankfurt. My favourite is the farmers’ market on Konstablewache on Saturdays (and Thursdays). See this link for a full list of markets in Frankfurt!

Places to Go See

These are places where there’s not much to do, but it’s good to walk there and just go see it and take photos.

The Main River – The perfect place to watch people and a haven for runners, dog walkers and, in the summer, sun bathers.

Meditation corner – Tucked away behind a busy street, this is one of my favourite secret spots. From Zeil shopping street, find the street called Liebfrauenstraße. Cross over the small road and on your left there will be a little square, usually with a few homeless people hanging around. In the left hand corner of this square is the entrance to the meditation corner. Listen as all the noise from the street vanishes!

Places to Take a Break

Galeria – At the top of Galeria is a cafeteria with an amazing view. Grab a nice hot chocolate or maybe a German beer and sit outside on the balcony to watch the world go by as you relax. It’s one of my favourite places to take people.

Fleming’s Hotel – Another great view…with a very interesting lift!

Drinks at pop-up bars along the river [summer time] – As far as I know, there are temporary summer drinks shacks along the river. One I posted about over a year ago, and the other is Main Cafe which is at lamp post number 23 on the Sachsenhausen side of the river (I’m sad. Yes. And also please marvel at the fact that the lamp posts are numbered along the river. This is a GENIUS idea.)

Maingold Cafe – I posted about the brunch here but actually the drinks in the evening here are really nice too. In winter, it’s nice to snuggle down on one of their sofas, and in the summer it’s great to sit under the lanterns in their garden. Easily my favourite place to eat and drink in Frankfurt.

Day Trips out of Frankfurt

Hoechst – Just a short tram or S Bahn journey away, and lovely for a long walk! A great place to walk dogs!

Wiesbaden – Lovely for a full day. Be sure to take the English walking tour!

Heidelberg – Not been yet, but a very popular trip location!

Cologne – A little bit more expensive to travel to, but still very much worth a visit!

Have I missed anything off the list? What’s your best thing to do in Frankfurt?

Cute Shop – Nima


Last week I was on my way to a cafe to meet a friend when I came across the CUTEST little shop called Nima. I was drawn in by a window display that seemed to have the theme “all the things Charlotte would like”.


I loved how things weren’t so organised, just placed in every available space. Like these adorable books.


I very nearly bought these…in fact, I may have to go back and buy them…




In the end, what I did buy was a map of the world with a layer of scratch away surface on it, and you have to scratch away countries that you’ve been to. I also bought two water glasses with funny fake branding for tap water on them.

If you have someone to buy a gift for I think this would be the perfect place to find a chic gift! The only downside is that the woman running it doesn’t seem to want to be friendly at all, and when I asked if I could take photos for my blog she was like “yeah, whatever”. I think if this was in England they’d love to know who is giving them free advertising…but anyway…

Find Nima at - Koselstraße 57 60318 Frankfurt

Palmengarten Winter Lights


Last weekend I went with a few friends to the “Winterlichter” display in Palmengarten park here in Frankfurt. I’ve blogged about this place before, but it’s a huge park area with green houses keeping lots of interesting plants nice and toasty. It’s 7 euros to enter, which is a shame because a lot of free parks I’ve been to are actually much nicer than these. When there’s an event like this happening, however, I don’t mind paying.


There were lots of interactive parts which was pretty cool!





The winter lights end today, sadly, but it’s always worth a trip to the gardens themselves so check it out if you’re in town!

Frankfurt Zoo

2013-07-28 09.17.29

I caught wind of there being a baby tiger in Frankfurt zoo, so I ditched my own little tigers grabbed the boyfriend and marched right over there.

It was meant to be the hottest day of the year and promised temperatures of 38c, but in fact was something around 35c. Regardless, the place was pretty much empty so that was pretty awesome. What’s a shame is that they’ve bumped up the entry price from 5 euros to 10 since I went last time, but it’s a pretty special zoo so I guess it’s all for the greater good. If you are a new resident to Frankfurt, you should have a 2 for 1 ticket in the voucher book they gave you when you registered.

2013-07-28 09.18.56

After ALL THE FAFFING we eventually arrived at the zoo at about 3pm, which happened to be feeding time. I think the daddy lion was the most interesting when he was eating – gently licking the chunk of meat as if he was really enjoying it. But we did get to see the baby tiger have his dinner too. The photos of him were much much cuter than him eating, however. You can get postcards of him at the giftshop, so I have him on my wall now.

2013-07-28 09.20.22

They have a great section for fish and insects which are all indoors, so we could escape the sun. Personally, I love the fish (and penguins!!) the best. I love aquariums so much and the ones near where I was in Japan were really great – especially Nagoya Aquarium. I think fish are so much better at being models than animals, so aquariums are the best places to test out new cameras.

2013-07-28 09.20.47


Not that this guy wasn’t trying his hardest, too…

The best thing about Frankfurt zoo is that they are part of a breeding programme to help endangered species. The rhinos, giraffes and many other animals are there to help save their species, so you get to see some really rare animals, like the aye aye, which are endangered because people think they are bad luck so kill them (and I know that because I read and understood the German sign! Yay go me!)

Frankfurt zoo is one of my favourite places and needs at least 4 or 5 hours to see it all. It’s well worth a visit if you’re in town.

Find the zoo at Bernhard-Grzimek-Allee 1  60316 Frankfurt and get there either by getting the tram or U Bahn, or simply by walking up from Konstablewache, which is a nice walk with lots of lovely restaurants and cafes (including my favourite, Maingold cafe!)

Spring in Frankfurt!

2013-05-09 20.18.06

Spring is a good time in Frankfurt. The dark days of winter are finally over and the Germans start to very VERY VERY excited about things. One of the things they like to get excited about is spargel – asparagus. You would not believe how excited these white sticks make the locals…

2013-05-11 12.33.00

This was the area outside department store Galeria this morning – a man on a mic, lots of official veggie people, SO many people crowding round to get their hands on asparagus… and a bored sound man eating a sausage sandwich.

2013-05-11 12.41.07

But this is what we came for – the green sauce festival! Green sauce is a big thing here in Frankfurt and so we wanted to check out the festival dedicated to this herby, eggy sauce.

There is a closed off section that I think wasn’t open when we went. There are a handful of stalls outside, though, with 3 different green sauces to try with eggs, potatoes and sausages. Sushi circle have some special green sauce themed sushi variaties (none of which are vegetarian friendly) so there are a few things to check out there!

2013-05-11 12.50.59


Our potatoes, eggs and sauce was so yummy we forgot to take a photo before we dug in! The sauce was pretty sweet and creamy. I much prefer it when it’s chunky and herby but it was still very yummy! The festival is lasting through to next weekend so check it out at the Roßmarkt in Frankfurt!

Coming Up in Frankfurt


So the other day on Facebook someone mentioned this amazing art exhibition that’s basically a room full of balloons. Unfortunately it was the last day, so even though I made it in time, it is too late to tell you all to go see it :(

BUT I do know of a few cool things happening in Frankfurt in the next few weeks.

Firstly, TLS have a great show coming up called Shakespeare, Anyone? Who wouldn’t want to hang out in a cool bar and just have a bit of Mr Shakes going on? It’s starting in April so make sure you’re free to see it!

The Caricature Museum has a pretty cool collection right now that I went to go see over the Easter weekend, when it was free to get in. I want to find some really funny things there, but these were really sweet cartoons. I hope they’ll have something off the scale funny soon!

Speaking of museums, night of the museums is coming up soon – pay for one ticket (12 euros) and visit as many museums in Frankfurt as you can for one night. I must say, I went last year and it was PACKED and so don’t expect me to be there this year! But it’s a good deal if you can handle places with lots of people.

There is a Holi festival happening in Frankfurt in the summer but the tickets (some of which I wanted to buy…) sold out in an hour. But if you don’t have crap knees like I do, there’s always the Color Run which is the same concept but with the festival being replaces with a marathon. I wish I could go for it… sadface.

If you like beer and fairground rides then you should also try out Dipplemess which is on for another few weeks or so. I went with some friends on the first night and though it was COOOOOLD it was still good fun!

For other good events, check out these pages from the Frankfurt Walking Tour (which is always awesome) for April, May and June!

Scenes from the Christmas Market


Here are some photos I’ve taken at the Frankfurt Christmas market – Weihnachtsmarkt.


People buy gingerbread with cute sayings on it (“My darling” “My loving husband” “best mum ever”) and hang them around their necks. They walk around like this, and I think it’s pretty funny. Like a walking poster board of sugar.


Cheese from the left is scraped and then melted to make delicious fondue.



The tree is from Bavaria, near to the Austrian boarder.






This is my favourite drink - feuerzangenbowle. Alcohol is dripped over a massive lump of sugar, and collects in a cauldron at the bottom. It’s a little stronger than most of the stuff you get at the Christmas market but it’s lovely all the same!


Privat – An Exhibition


Last weekend I went to an art exhibition called Privat – one that looks into how we are losing privacy in this new technological era. It was a totally spontaneous visit with a friend but I had wanted to go to see this ever since I saw the very eye catching poster (above).

It starts off with scenes from family home movies and handwritten diaries, and goes on a journey right through to a massive wall filled with tiny moving squares of porn. It was really amazing, and I really did enjoy it, but for me it didn’t really go as deep, or reflect on my experience on the net enough. I wanted it to make me really think about what I post on the net – and as I’m not in any porn, and I’ve not been in any weird Swedish youtube soap drama (it was weird… I didn’t get that part) so none of the collections really touched home for me.

Recently, I’ve been close to a few people who really control what they put out online. One such friend restricts their facebook so that nothing aside from a few photos from 5 years ago are visible. Another person refuses to put personal data on there so that companies can’t collect that data. I am pretty much an open book and I wonder if that is a bad thing…

My first experience of the internet was on a school trip to a gadget show in London when I was about 14. Somehow I had managed to get into the “16+ area” and found myself at a computer playing the first version of Habbo Hotel. My mind was blown. I made a little character who looked like me, and was walking round as if in a computer game, talking to people in different areas of the room! When I finally got a computer a few years later, I was one of those teenagers who should have had more restrictions since I was chatting to boys way older than myself, sending them my mobile number and chatting with them. It could have gone so wrong, but I just felt it normal to do this.

Today, of course, I am not so bad. After a really nasty net stalker last year, I started watching what I say online – like, I wouldn’t do a geotag on anything, or at least not to show that I am out of the house. I cut down my Facebook friends list often, because I spend half my life going to some party or event, chatting with someone for an hour, adding them on facebook then never speaking to them again. All these strangers can see my non-stop facebook diarrhea.

I like to share random personal info – I like to be myself, even online. A friend saw my OK Cupid profile and said that it was a perfect representation of who I am. I’d like to think that people could see my facebook wall or blog or twitter and think the same thing. However, a guy I was speaking to online found my blog after just knowing my first name and job. I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing – good because it means my blog is easily found. But bad because it means that people can easily find “Sherbet” with only knowing a little bit about “Charlotte”.

As I said, the exhibition was good, but not really thought provoking enough for me. I want to question my online visibility more, but it’s hard when it’s the norm to post videos of your baby on Youtube for your millions of viewers, or to broadcast your thoughts when you’re feeling emo to all your Facebook friends.

If you are in Frankfurt, checkout the Privat exhibition (7 euros entry) -

Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt
Römerberg, D-60311 Frankfurt
Hours: Tue, Fri–Sun 10–7pm,
Wed–Thu 10–10pm

Info in English (also photo credit)

Info in German

Sneak Preview – Top List


You’re in Frankfurt on a Monday night, have a spare 6 euros and don’t know what to do?! Come to Sneak Preview!

Sneak Preview is where you pay just 6 euros to see a film that isn’t out yet – but on one condition – you won’t know what film it is until it starts!

I’ve been going for over a year now… I’ve been a little lax in recent weeks since I usually have other things to do on a Monday night but it really is super fun every time I go. To show you the wide range of films we’ve had at Sneak, here is my top 5 best Sneak films, and top 5 worst. YAY!

Top 5 best films

1. Hysteria

The best ever was Hysteria. It’s basically the story of how the vibrator came about; set in old time London and starring Maggie Smith who is awesome. This film was not only super funny but educational too! What’s not to like?

2. Moonrise Kingdom

If you’ve not ever seen Moonrise Kingdom, SHAME ON YOU. It’s sooooo good. A whimsical tale of a cub scout who fell in love with a girl, it’s sometimes awkward in the way that young love is often awkward, but is fun for young viewers as well as seasoned film goers. By the way, if you like the fashion from the film, get inspiration here for Moonrise Kingdom outfits!

3. Crazy, Stupid Love

I love Emma Stone. Any film with Emma Stone in it is instantly a winner for me. I wish I was her. She’s so funny and cute and lovely. Not only does this film have Emma Stone in it, but it also has Ryan Gosling, who is my “celeb free-pass“. Omg. Ryan Gosling.

Although any film with these two in would be in my top 5 film anyway, this film is super funny and clever and a blast for all viewers. Did I mention Ryan Gosling?

4. Brave

Disney’s most recent masterpiece. Also, Scottish accents are so awesome. If a guy has a Scottish accent I go weak at the knees almost instantly.


5. Attack the Block

Adam Buxton is amazing. I LOVE the Adam and Joe podcasts, and am a huge fan of everything they do. This film isn’t Adam’s finest work, but it’s still pretty good – A story of “yoofs” from London who come up against enemies a little stronger than the average bobby. It would have been higher on the list but I kind of thought that it glorified yob culture a little bit. It’s something I feel ashamed about as a Brit and I would have liked for the film to show that it’s not cool to be a nob a little bit more than it does.

Top 5 worst films (in reverse order for fun times)

5. Abduction

Twilight guy tries to prove that he can do things other than Twilight, fails.


4. Contagion

The best part of this film was that Gwyneth Paltrow dies in the first few minutes. That’s not a spoiler – she’s dead on the poster. A “scary” film about a super virus that spreads over the world. Makes you want to carry hand sanitiser forever.

3. Cosmopolis

Other Twilight guy tries to prove that he can do things other than Twilight. Fails. Spoilers – nothing happens in this film. Good for fans of the inside of limos.

2. Act of Valor

American navy guys go and save the world from evil terrorists.

While the storyline is ok (though a big pile of biased American propaganda), the thing that makes this film one of the worst films in the world is that they didn’t have real actors but real navy guys. Who can’t act.

Most memorable quote -


1. Black Gold

I just… there are no words. The storyline, the acting, the accents, the logic… everything in this film goes in the “what the fudge” category. I can’t even put it into words. Look it up on IMDB. Watch it if you like pain.

Though there are often droughts of good films, Sneak is really good and I highly recommend checking it out. It’s on every Monday night from 9pm at the CineStar cinema. Book online HERE!

TLS Frankfurt


I’ve just finished a 6 week improvisation course with the Frankfurt theatre group TLS.  It was SUCH a blast. I went to drama clubs all the time when I was in my teens, but I had to quit them when I got older. I’ve wanted to get back into performing for years but haven’t had the chance – and here was my chance!

It was a small group of just 14 people from all over. Aside from the teacher, there were only 4 other native speakers of English other than myself. It really made the improv games more fun to have international perspectives on things, and I learnt a lot from sharing and experiencing other peoples’ sense of humour.

Each class, we would focus on a different skill in improv – from learning how to set the scene with just one line, to learning to give and take in a scene and how to establish characters. It was made for the complete beginner so it was really easy to step right in there, but even for someone like myself who used to do a lot of this kind of stuff, there was plenty to learn.

On the last class, we had a little performance and I invited two friends of mine to come and watch us perform. It’s been so long since I’ve done anything like this, but it really was amazing. More than that, I made some really amazing friends there too – people I wouldn’t have necessarily met otherwise.

The next 6 week course is sadly fully booked now, but there is an advanced course in January which I would like to take. On the first Saturday of every month they hold a drop in session for a few hours in the afternoon, with tickets to see the professionals perform in the evening.

Even if you are not so much into the whole performing aspect of this, I highly recommend these classes. They are great for meeting new people and letting your hair down.

Find more information on this as well as all the other things TLS does on their homepage.