Review – Sushimoto, Frankfurt


Before Christmas I met up with the gorgeous Yolande for some yummy Japanese lunch! We went to Sushimoto, which I’d been meaning to go to for a long time since seeing it on the wonderful food blog written by my friend Toshi.

We went on a regular Thursday and it was pretty busy – it wasn’t packed with people, but the staff seemed really rushed. The waitress was pretty rude with us and I wasn’t happy about that, and my chosen lunch (the unagi – eel) wasn’t available to me. Never mind, I chose some mackerel instead.


The food was really delicious, but as you can see, it didn’t come all at once so I had all the side dishes first and then the fish last.

The pricing of food was mid to high, and so I did expect a little higher level of service. However the food was authentic and tasted as good as if I was in Japan again. The chefs have obviously experienced Japan, but perhaps the waitresses could do with a visit to see how customers should be treated!!

I’d like to give this place another go because it could be that they were busy on that one day.

You can find Sushimoto at -

Eingang: Gr.Friedberger Str.
(The Westin Grand Frankfurt)
60313 Frankfurt


Product of the Month/Not the Product of the Month November


So with all the excitement of recent weeks, I forgot to do this post at the end of November! Whoops!

The product of the month November is L’Oreal Ever Pure Shampoo.

I got this in my first ever GlossyBox, and the combo I was using made my hair really super nice. But I thought it was the hair mask that was making my hair like that. It was only when the mask ran out and I used this shampoo with other conditioners and masks that I realised that it was the shampoo that was making my hair so great. If you have a nice mask or conditioner, this shampoo will improve the effects of that product improve so much. I don’t know what it is about this shampoo but it is amazing. AND it lasted ages. I got this in May and I just finished it a week or so ago. I will buy this again for sure.

NOT the product of the month is Syoss Volume Powder.

Syoss is the German brand name for Tresemme, so I know the brand well. It seems to be a bit cheaper than the Tresemme products in the UK, too. You shake the powder onto your hair for volume… but it makes your hair sticky like it has gunk in it… and it smells SO BAD. Like old damp towels. I use it very occasionally, when my hair is really bad. But I always spray it with other things after to take the smell away. It makes me want to gag.

Here are some bonus photos of the weather today! Snowy Germany!




Michael O’Rourke 3-Way Hairspray

Ahh my lovely messy dressing table. I’ve written about this hairspray before, but since it’s coming to the end of its life and I’ve used it for quite a while, I’ll review it in more detail now.

I got this Michael O’Rourke 3-Way hairspray with a GlossyBox a couple of months ago. I seldom use hairspray so I wasn’t excited to have it in the box, but as it turns out, I’ve used it up pretty quickly.

A little info on the product (from Amazon…)-

3 Way hairspray is the flagship product in the “Michael ORourke” Styling Line. This luxury hairspray incorporates breakthrough technology by utilizing an adjustable nozzle to deliver 3 spray strengths for three types of styling, a never before seen invention in the beauty industry. This amazing spray is humidity resistant and contains: 1. Vitamin A and E for free radical protection. 2. Wheat amino acids for nourishment. 3. Sunscreen to protect color treated hair.

So, as it says, there’s a little nozzle that you can use to change how strong you want the spray to be. I’m going to be completely honest here – I didn’t see any difference. Maybe I don’t use it right. Maybe I’m crap at doing my hair. But when I get my fringe just right, spraying a light spray on it had exactly the same effect as spraying the firm spray.

That’s not to say that it’s a bad product – on my fringe, it didn’t hold the style very well. But on curls and stuff it did make the shape last a little longer than normal. The scent is also pretty nice, and my hair never felt stiff. It’s also really good for killing bugs in your room. WIN!

So would I buy this again? Probably not. There are better hairsprays out there. The nozzle thing is a good idea in theory but in practice if it’s making no difference then it’s not worth the money.

Has anyone else out there tried this product?

Kryolan Eyeshadow


I got this little pot of Kryolan satin powder sparkling eye dust (eyeshadow to the rest of us) in my GlossyBox last month. It was probably the only item I actually liked and continue to use. The colour is SP333. I hate it when companies use numbers instead of words to name colours. Be creative, guys!


And now you see my horrible pink skin colour is the same as my horrible pink floor…

As you can see, it doesn’t go on very strongly, it’s not very pigmented. But it’s great as a base, or a highlighter on your lids. I really like using it on my lids then putting darker shadow in the creases. It’s got a really nice sparkly sheen to it that I really like, as well.

The colour lasts all day, though it is subtle. It’s nice and easy to apply as well. I hadn’t heard of this brand before, so I’d look out fot it again and get some different colours for sure. This is a repurchase item for me!

It’s a bit of a short review, but I don’t know what else to say, really! It’s pretty good and the colour is sweet. What more could you want?!

Bubble Tea – Nom Nom

NEWNESS! I’m starting a new feature on here where I go round reviewing all the bubble tea shops in Frankfurt.

Bubble tea is huge here. I used to drink it all the time in Japan – with tapioca, not these new popping ones. I love it. But it’s not reached the UK (to my knowledge…) just yet. Last time I checked, they were still on the whole ‘make a milkshake from a chocolate bar’ thing.

But anyway, myself and Dove from Sparrow and Dove have taken it upon ourselves to go and taste test and inform you where to go for the best drinks!

First up is Nom Nom – a place fairly central, located next to a delightfully named sexshop called “Inside Her”.

We liked it here – the girl was pretty friendly and the tea was nice. I liked that they used soy milk and had real tapioca, and Dove liked the wide range of “popping boba”. She also didn’t fill it right up with ice either – which makes it really hard to get to all the tapioca/boba at the end.

I had caramel with tapioca and Dove had green apple milk tea with passionfruit boba.

Here are our scores (/10) for Nom Nom:

Price – 6 (4.19 for Dove’s and 3.99 for mine)

Range – 8

Taste – 7

Bubbles – 9

Drink – 8

Total – 38

You can find Nom Nom at Stiftstraße 9-17, 60313 Frankfurt am Main.

Makeup Review – Rimmel Sexy Curves and Me Me Me Fat Cat Mascaras

That was a long post title…

Anyway… When I was back home, my (13 year old) little sister had some amazing mascara on. I asked her what brand it was and she said how she combines two to get the benefits of both of their abilities. It’s a pretty cool idea – one I hadn’t thought of before. So, I decided to try it out with these two mascaras that I had previously thought were kinda duds…

First up is Rimmel’s Sexy Curves mascara. I bought this a while back when I made a little back track from department store mascaras to drug store ones. As you can see, the brush is fairly uniquely shaped.

It makes my eyelashes very long – but also clumps them all together. It’s easy to use though – and the ball on the end means that it’s really easy to get into the corners of your eyes and get those little lashes on the ends.

On its own it’s … ok. Just ok. Probably worth the money but nothing to write home about. You’ll get long lashes but barely any body  (although it says that it gives “full volume and curves”…)

Me Me Me Fat Cat mascara – I bought this when I went home to England around the Jubilee. I’d never heard of the brand Me Me Me (or is it MeMeMe?) and it was really cheap in Superdrug so I thought I’d give it a whirl.

The brush is nothing special, but it works quite well on my lashes, really separating them and giving them full volume. However, it does nothing to lengthen them. On its own it is pretty meh but well worth the money (I think it was under 5 pounds).

When I put on the Sexy Curves mascara on top of the Fat Cat mascara… it combines to make ONE AWESOME MASCARA! You get all the body of the Fat Cat, with the length of the Sexy Curves! Genius! And since both mascaras are pretty cheap, it’s not really breaking the bank at all.

Do you combine mascaras? If so, which ones?

Website Round-Up

I like clicking on thing. Maybe some of the things I have clicked on might interest you! Here are some of the things I have clicked on this month.

Spotted By Locals – This website is pretty awesome, actually. Had reviews of shops, cafes, bars and so on, written by a few handpicked people working for the site. Their Frankfurt page is updated regularly so there are plenty of new places to go to. I would have liked to be a “Spotter” for them but you need to know German, so I cannot. Similar to this is of course Qype. I think that between the two it should be easy for you to find somewhere to go to spend an afternoon in Frankfurt!

Lingq – I joined this language learning site a month or so back and I’ve not really put much effort into using it. The main appeal of it for me is that you do some reading in the language you are learning, but get to highlight words that you are not sure of, so that you can use them as flash cards later. It’s great for picking up words. There are also sections where you can submit some writing to a native speaker to correct (but I don’t need that as I am an avid fan of Lang-8) or arrange for a native speaker to speak with you on Skype. I’d like to have the time to dedicate myself to doing the reading section a bit more, but for some reason this website hasn’t really stuck with me. I don’t know if it’s the constant bugging for money and upgrades or something like that…

Bon Iver Erotic Stories – Completely safe for work! And not very erotic. But SO funny. I have Danni from Sparrow and Dove to thank for this gem. Now I am no longer able to concentrate at work…

That’s it for this month!

Kleines Cafe Schneider

Thursday was a holiday so I decided to go out for a lovely drink with the lovely Nicole from Exploring Maybeland.

We went to Kleines Cafe Schneider in Bornheim, which is opposite the place where I had wanted to go.. hehe. But I’m so glad we went there.

You know I love German home made lemonades! And this one was pretty awesome. For the second drink I had freshly squeezed lemon juice with brown sugar. It was SO good. I will be going back there again for sure. They also had a load of really lovely looking cakes.

You can find information about how to get to the cafe and some reviews in German here.

Make-Up Post – Bella Pierre

I warned you about make-up related posts! And here is my first. I was talked into buying this mineral foundation powder from BellaPierre cosmetics while in London at Christmas. Seriously, if you sit me down and do my make-up then I will feel pressured to buy what you have put on me. So I bought this. Along with the “kabuki brush” used to apply it.

They promised me that the minerals in the formula would improve my skin (which is very poor…) and would keep me covered all day.

I have to say, I’m not so impressed. I used it initially only on days when I didn’t want to/need to wear a full face of make-up but for the past few weeks while it’s warming up I’ve been wearing it pretty much every day. My skin hasn’t improved, and it doesn’t cover the pinkness of my skin tone and worst of all it doesn’t last all day. I would have wanted it to work so much, to have done everything it promised me.

I’d like to find a powder foundation like this ready for the warm weather, because I don’t want to block up my skin with gloop when it gets warm. If anyone has any recommendations, do let me know!


App Review – MindSnacks

As is probably now well known, I love language learning tools that are anything but a textbook. I often spend out on, or sign up to things that will give me an edge on my language studying hobbies.

A few months ago I read a great review on International House of Geek about the app MindSnacks. So, I decided to give it a go.

The app is free to download, but for the full version I think I paid about 3 Euros (tried to find the price on their website and on iTunes but found no info).

It’s pretty good for basic vocabulary. They build your knowledge with a series of games – the above one is Fish Tank, which is infuriatingly difficult. Even when I was practising only months, which are the same in Chinese as they are in Japanese, I was getting so much game rage that I kept messing up. You have to click on the answer that corresponds to the prompt before the water runs away and the fish dies.

ShutterBug is a game you can play after paying for the full version. It’s another of the better ones, as you are given an audio prompt as well, which helps me remember the new vocabulary.

Mystery Crate could be such a good and useful game with some tweaking. The aim is to press the incorrect crates and get rid of them before they reach the ground. Crates with correct words on them, that arrive safely to the ground will let the rhinos go free nicely. Ones that are incorrect that arrive to the ground blow up. Where this app goes wrong is that you are looking up at the top to spot incorrect words, when you see an explosion at the ground but don’t remember the word let alone have the chance to review what was wrong about it. Especially with Chinese, where an incorrect word could mean only one stroke going array, a review session after the game has finished is vital.

After being not 100% impressed with the Chinese version, I decided not to buy the German one, but to stick with the free games. One of those is this great spelling game called Word Birds. You click on the letters to spell out the word written above. If you click on the wrong letter, the birds are electrocuted. This is a really ace game and definitely one of their stronger ones.

Overall, although the games are fun and teach me new words, I’m not entirely sure I’m actually learning anything new from these apps. There is a nice tone game in the Chinese one, but again, me getting the answers correct seems to have little correlation to whether I am able to speak using the correct tones. I have just gone to a new level and have been bombarded with a load of new profession words, but since there is no review period it’s kind of hard to remember the words before I go into the games. I’d prefer to learn more verbs and things I’ll actually use before learning these kinds of words anyway.

Overall I’d say they are worth the initial download (they ask your level at the start so it’s not just for beginners). They seem to be aiming to improve the games a lot so it’s worth keeping an eye on the apps to see if they get better, which I’m sure they will. I really hope they do well though, because the designs are great and the idea to build these games is fantastic. They just aren’t for me right now.