Review – Sushimoto, Frankfurt


Before Christmas I met up with the gorgeous Yolande for some yummy Japanese lunch! We went to Sushimoto, which I’d been meaning to go to for a long time since seeing it on the wonderful food blog written by my friend Toshi.

We went on a regular Thursday and it was pretty busy – it wasn’t packed with people, but the staff seemed really rushed. The waitress was pretty rude with us and I wasn’t happy about that, and my chosen lunch (the unagi – eel) wasn’t available to me. Never mind, I chose some mackerel instead.


The food was really delicious, but as you can see, it didn’t come all at once so I had all the side dishes first and then the fish last.

The pricing of food was mid to high, and so I did expect a little higher level of service. However the food was authentic and tasted as good as if I was in Japan again. The chefs have obviously experienced Japan, but perhaps the waitresses could do with a visit to see how customers should be treated!!

I’d like to give this place another go because it could be that they were busy on that one day.

You can find Sushimoto at -

Eingang: Gr.Friedberger Str.
(The Westin Grand Frankfurt)
60313 Frankfurt


More Fish! Leib and Seele Restraurant


After the walking tour, we were all pretty hungry so I suggested going to Leib & Seele – a German restaurant near to Hauptwache that I’d been to once before.

You can find it behind Sports Arena in town, so it’s pretty easy to get to. Despite this, it’s never really a go-to place, and I think it should be!


The menu is pretty varied – last time I was here I shared a fish platter with my friend. This time I had the shrimp schnitzel, which is (believe it or not) my first schnitzel since moving to Germany a year ago. I was imagining the shrimps to come on top of the meat, with some sauce maybe and some salad. But, as I always fear, it was a big plate of stodge… of well! This IS Germany! The shrimp was inside the meat. My friend had the baked potato which looked lovely. They also have various other things like chili con carne, meat dishes and other German favourites.

They had my favourite beer, as well – fruit Schofferhofer. This time I went for the prickly pear.

I am all for campaigning for this to be the new go-to German restaurant. It’s mostly outside seating so it’s awesome in the summer, the staff are pretty good, the food is great, and the prices aren’t that bad. What more could you want from a German place?!


“My city. My beer: Binding” – given the number of expats here, is Frankfurt really anybody’s city?!

You can find Leib and Seele at Kornmarkt 11 60311 Frankfurt, behind Sports Arena.

Burgers in Frankfurt- Eschenheimer Turm

The next stop on the journey to find Frankfurt’s best burger takes us to Eschenheimer Turm (more commonly known as “Tower Bar”). Just north of Hauptwache, it’s a mainly outdoor restaurant and bar with a tower that looks like a princess would be living at the top of it. Alas, there are nothing but toilets up there (that are very difficult to get to when drunk…)

The “Tower Burger” here is pretty famous but after a few menu reshuffles in the past year, it seems that this is no longer available, though there is an “Eschenheimer Burger”, seen above.

I didn’t have a burger myself (the salads here are pretty awesome) but I’m told that they were “ok”. It’s certainly not a posh burger and the buns and chips look like they’ve just been heated up from the freezer, but apparently the beef was pretty tasty. At just under 8 euros, it’s probably mid range on the Frankfurt burger market.

What I was really interested in, however was of course the homemade lemonade. This was on special promotion and was really refreshing. A little on the sharp side, though it went down very nicely. On the lemonade chart, I’d put it a little to the south of the lemonade from Yours Australian bar, which currently has the number 1 spot.

You can find Tower Bar at Eschenheimer Tor 45, Direkt im Eschenheimer Turm, 60318 Frankfurt am Main.

Vietnamese Restaurant Phoin

Before she left for Japan, I went out for a goodbye dinner with my friend who is now on the JET Programme. She lives in the Nordend area so we went out for dinner to a Vietnamese place called Phoin near her flat.

I’d never had Vietnamese food before. I wouldn’t even be able to say what exactly it consists of. So I was pretty excited to try this place out.

As it turns out, it wasn’t so different to Asian food I know and love – “raw” spring rolls, noodles, soup… that kind of thing. I had some of the spring rolls and some satay chicken, and then some soup afterwards. My friend had the fried spring rolls and some noodles in soup.

I can’t decide which was my favourite food there… it was all really, really good. I was thinking recently that although I go to a lot of nice restaurants, I have nowhere that I really think “now, that was a GOOD meal. Let’s go again”. This may be that place for me.

Not only was the food really good, and pretty nicely priced as well (a meal with drinks was between 10 and 15 euros) but the staff were really friendly and spoke good English, too.

The place has only been open a few weeks so it’s not so busy yet. If you want a relaxed place to eat (it’s certainly not fancy there) with good food, good prices and good service, this is your place. You can find Phoin at Jahnstraße 51, 60318 Frankfurt, just round the corner from A Taste of Britain.

Cafe/Restaurant – Schopenhauer

In my quest to find Frankfurt’s number one home made lemonade, I went to my favourite cafe/bar/restaurant, Schopenhauer.

You may remember me saying that I LOVE their brunches here. If you have 18 euros to spend and a Sunday morning with nothing to do, then I highly recommend it. If, however, you are trying to find tasty home made lemonade, you should not go there. It made me sad in my heart that the taste was boring, there was nothing special about it and it was just average in every way. Probably one of the worst lemonades I’ve had in Frankfurt. :-(

They have all you can eat pasta nights on Monday night, so if you don’t have a membership to the wheat-free club like I do, I recommend that too!