Kate Miller Photos


So a few weeks back, I asked my friend Kate Miller to take some photos of me…mainly because the only recent photo I had of myself for LinkedIn was one of me holding two beers up while wearing a dirndl at the Nintendo Octoberfest.

You may have noticed these photos popping up around the place, so here are a few of my favourites! If you are in the Frankfurt area and want an amazing photographer then please contact Kate through her website.





Recent Photos


Top left – The fish in the work canteen looked horrible so I took the other lunchtime option – rice pudding. Winning. Top right – My friend went to Japan and brought back a Sherlock manga. I never even knew this was a thing. Bottom left – GERMAN FOOD OM NOM NOM. Bottom Right – The carnival in Frankfurt a few weeks ago.


Left – I stumbled across the Chinese garden in Frankfurt. Top – Someone left a Bible and a Christian message for people to read on the U-Bahn train. Bottom – Gluten free ham?! …Did it contain gluten to begin with??


And lastly, one of me in New York! 2 days in and my legs are DYING from all the walking! But, I just love love love it here. The whole place smells like donuts and every single person I’ve come across has been so friendly and passionate about what they do. I’ve been taking quite a few selfies and this is me at the top of the Rockefeller building. I just kept staring at the skyline for ages not believing that I’m actually here and what I’m looking at isn’t the opening for a rom-com or a movie. Pinch me now!

Last Week in Pictures


Though it doesn’t look much like an advent calendar, this is a tea Christmas set I got for myself and my colleagues (we call ourselves the communiTEA…) Some of them are really good! I LOVED the classic one!


My tax refund came through and I thought I’d treat myself to some posh breakfast – this muesli costs 8 euros!!! AND it tasted TERRIBLE. Really bland and it also had flowers in it. It made my tummy REALLY hurt so I think it’s probably got massive lumps of wheat in it too. Usually I’m pretty ok with normal muesli.


My friend bought me a Ritter Sport advent calendar! I’ve brought it with me here to London so I can still feel like I’m in Germany.


Last week there was a gorgeous sunset. This was the view from our office.


On Friday there was the work’s Christmas party…and I couldn’t help but pose next to one of the games I translated.


Aaaand back to the tea again. Each teabag has a thoughtful message on the label. Some are more vom-tastic than others…

A Photo an Hour


I decided to link up with Confuzzledom and Is That You, Darling to do a photo an hour today. I thought today would be a good one because I had a lot planned but actually my yoga buddy and I decided to skip yoga and so, unless you want hourly photos of blogs I’m reading, my day pretty much ended at 4 today. I suck.

I set my alarm (even though it’s Sunday!!) because I wanted to be proactive today. Today was a new day and I wanted to do lots of things to make it awesome. I started off by taking a shower then studying some German and Japanese vocab for a bit. Then, while I did my makeup I watched some YouTube videos (My Drunk Kitchen). Makeup all done (also, cat!), and videos all watched, I found that I had nothing to make a breakfast out of so I went to the Turkish bakery to grab something to eat, then sat down again to study a bit more (also, cat).


Just before noon I went out to the Japanese exchange group that I run every Sunday. We have people who learn Japanese and Japanese people together speaking half an hour in each language for 2 hours in a Japanese cafe. Today we only had one Japanese person (compared to 5 English speakers) so it was kinda sad. I have over 100 people in our Facebook group but people are just too shy to come along and that makes me sad. It wasn’t really 1pm but before the meetup I get a nice chance to sit and play on my 3ds a little before everyone turns up.

The bottom two photos are switched around…on the way home I went to the Indian supermarket which is open on Sundays (hazzah!) and found that they have goya (a bitter vegetable from Okinawa). Not a fan myself but it’s pretty cool that they have it! I then went home and roasted up the rest of that butternut squash from yesterday but cut my thumb in the process! WAH! After I cooked up the food it was time to go to yoga…but I wanted to sit and eat the food, not go to yoga! So I texted my friend who was in a cafe enjoying not doing anything and we agreed to skip for today haha.

The photo an hour thing was pretty good. I think maybe I’ll give it another go when I’m feeling a bit more lively. Not that my life is all that interesting, though ;)

My Week In Photos

2013-06-07 00.01.19

It may be a new week but the craziness of last week is still with me…

I did some more standup comedy on Thursday. I did a set about language, and about my kids at the school I taught at in Japan. It went down pretty well but I have a little way to go yet… including my posture on stage, apparently!

2013-06-09 11.39.19

There was a Japanese film festival called Nippon Connection throughout last week. I have a whole post lined up about it, but here are some cute kids playing with the Wii U that was on display there. I couldn’t help but back-seat game when they were finding it hard to use, though… whoops.




2013-06-09 11.40.39 (1)

And of course the yearly film festival is great for getting those Japanese snacks we crave. I had a pickled plum onigiri rice ball. It wasn’t as good as the “real” thing…the rice tasted really bland for one. I should make more of these at home I guess. I have noticed, as well, that the Asian supermarkets are selling seaweed that has the plastic around it so you can make your own onigiri packaging. Pretty neat idea, I think! 

2013-06-09 11.42.10

I had LOTS of time to hang out with the kitten monkeys last week. Yannik likes to sit ON my computer so I cannot type and only pay attention to him. Because he is the king of everything.

2013-06-09 11.42.51

Whereas Norina likes to do a great impression of road kill on the sofa.



As it’s getting warmer and we use the balcony more, I get worried that she WILL become road kill since she pays around there all the time. This is her twitching because there was a bird in the tree. I was having 40 fits while this was happening.


Scenes from Frankfurt 26.08.12

The old Hako shoe shop is currently being pulled down. It’s kind of scary to see such a damaged building in the middle of town.

Free hugs from Korean Christians.

It always makes me laugh that “black music” is a kind of music in Germany. What happens if a white person were to sing black music? Would it still be black?

Some street artists on Zeil.

Lazy day watching the goings on along the river.

The cutest little puppy dog!

The beer bike is in full swing!

Scenes from Frankfurt

Here’s a small collection of photos I’ve collected from around Frankfurt in the past few weeks.

There was a small festival for children the weekend before last. I think it continued all throughout the park, but we just saw the start of the stalls.

We also got to see probably the world’s worst fake Disney drawings on a small merry-go-round.

Near to the festival was a man selling strange pictures with penises as the subject.

Down by the river was a car/boat full of girls… and a goose who couldn’t quite work out what was going on…

And sadly down on the S-Bahn they were doing repairs so there were delays and trains cancelled.

And another example of knitting graffiti! I love this German craze!

Taking Pictures of Food

One of the many times I went out for a sneaky bite to eat with Jason at our favourite place – 100 yen sushi! 

Some foreigners in Japan work hard to be able to hear those sweet words “oh, you are more Japanese than Japanese people”. I’m not fussed about that certain “compliment” myself, but I have been told it many a time. Times like when I took my holiday time out by the hour, or when I never failed to bring sweets back for my co-workers if I went on a trip. To me, those things are either me trying hard to be proper, or me trying hard to be nice.

In all honesty, I think I have only two traits that I think are truly “Japanese”. The first is that I like to wear wacky clothes. When I left Japan and had to get rid of loads of stuff, most of my “Japan clothes” went in the bin, as I told myself I needed to grow up and start dressing like a grown up. Since settling down into my life here, and especially since seeing how casual it is in the Nintendo office, I am slowly but surely working my way back into dressing in my own special way again. I wore knee high socks the other day, and today I purchased a hoodie with bear ears on the hood.

The other trait would be that I take lots of photos – and especially of food. I just can’t help it! It’s ridiculously easy to take nice photos of food, all it has to do is sit there and look nice. I eat nice food a lot, and so I take nice photos a lot. I try not to put many up on facebook – though my Tumblr was pretty full of “food porn”. But I usually get funny comments when I take all these photos of my food. I guess it’s just not done here.

A work colleague of mine started a blog posting photos of every meal he eats. While unfortunately he supplies very little in the way of description, it’s kind of fun to see what he has been eating. Take a look!

Alas not everyone can be as sophisticated as my colleague and myself, and there are lots of people who take really naff photos of naff food they’ve eaten. Luckily for us, someone is going round collecting these awesome photos and making hilarious comments about them. Seriously, this guy has issues (including his hatred for the word ‘lush’!! – has never seen Gavin and Stacey, apparently!)

I hope that to other people my photos look less Cook Suck and a little more exciting… but even if it does, the Japanese part of my personality is still very much alive and so I doubt I will ever stop…