Mutiger Montag 25/11


Today’s Mutiger Montag was a bad choice. A bad, bad choice. I wanted to wear a long skirt that I bought for Istanbul but these trousers came to me first and I thought that it would be good to wear them before it gets too cold for bare ankles.

It was already too cold. It snowed.

These trousers are really hard to use since I have so few tops that will go with it – and it seems I don’t have enough plain black, long sleeved tops.

Anyway, I made it through and these can go in the case ready for next year!

Mutiger Montag 18/11/13



Another Monday, another Mutiger Montag (and another eye-sore photo decorated by decopic…hehe)

Today I wore a leopard jumper – it’s just about cold enough to wear this now. Again, not the most flattering thing in the world, but you know I love cats.

My friend Ines also joined in again! Huzzah! Check out her Mutiger Montag here!

As always, if you have clothes you don’t have the guts to wear then come and join us by being brave and doing Mutiger Montag!

Mutiger Montag 11/11



So I may or may not have gone overboard with the stamps on the Decopic app… I miss purikura, ok?!

Today I was brave and wore this black woolen dress from Topshop that mum bought me ages ago when I was a poor student with no money. I went for red tights for double the mutiger!

I don’t usually wear this dress as it makes my boobs look smaller and my hips look bigger, which isn’t usually the proportions I tend to aim for.

I didn’t realise it was Poppy Day today until about 3pm when I called out to the rest of the UK team that we should have had a minute silence at 11. We failed. I used to like wearing poppies at school in Japan and letting the kids ask why.

Look out for an actual real blog post tomorrow! Hazzah!

Mutiger Montag Nov 4th


So Mutiger Montag used to be a thing that I did with my blogger friend Ines but I guess both she and I forgot to keep it up… Well, I’d like to bring it back!

“Mutiger” means bravery in German, and the idea behind Mutiger Montag is that every Monday you wear something that’s been sat at the back of your wardrobe, something you didn’t have the guts to wear.

I had the perfect Mutiger Montag today with this dress, which I bought in Dorothy Perkins over the summer, but it’s just that little bit too short and that little bit too tight to wear as a summer dress as it’s intended. Add some leggings to cover up my legs and a cardigan to cover up the tightness and hey presto! I Mutiger Montag success!

A few of my friends who read my blog have commented on the fact that I don’t do this any more so I thought it would be great to bring it back. I hope Ines also gets back into the swing of it! ;) Hint hint!

Mutiger Montag 20.08.12


Today’s Mutiger Montag isn’t such a good one… I made my hair into a bow. I would have made it a lot bigger if I knew how but I’m just learning how to do it so it wasn’t so good today.


I did it while watching a tutorial for hair-bows on YouTube. It’s easy enough to make but hard to perfect, I think. It’s a pretty Asian hairstyle so I guess it might have looked a little weird on me. No one noticed my efforts, it seems :(

I have a confession, too – I bought a green maxi skirt the other week and it would be the perfect Mutiger Montag thing as it’s not my style at all… but I keep on chickening out on wearing it. It’s not the most flattering thing I own, and also I’m pretty short so it has to be hitched right up on my waist. Maybe I’ll wear it soon!

Mutiger Montag 06.08.12


Mutiger Montag is a little late this week because we were out watching fireworks on the river Main last night. Sorry Ines!

Yesterday I wasn’t sure exactly what to do for it, but then I remembered this pretty big flowery headband that I have and never wear because the flowers are pretty big. I like to wear headbands but I can’t wear solid ones as they hurt behind my ears and give m a headache.

I hope more people join in with Mutiger Montag and start wearing larger-than-life fashion on Mondays!

Mutiger Montag 23.07.12

Monday came around so quickly this time… But at least I was more prepared for Mutiger Montag! The concept, that I’ve written about before, came from my blogger buddie Ines and involves everyone wearing or using someone that they usually don’t have the guts to wear or use, every Monday. Be it those tights that are just too bright or that necklace that could anchor a boat, bring out all your stuff that’s gathering dust and love them!!



So, just a little disclaimer – I such at taking photos of myself. Always the one with the camera, never the one having my own photo taken – I just suck.

So anyway. My Mutiger point yesterday was to dress more “me”. I love pink. I love girly, bright, sparkly things. I often tone it down because I don’t want to alarm people. But yesterday in the spirit of being Mutiger, I dressed exactly how I wanted to dress. This was especially brave since I went to an event in the evening where I would meet lots of new friends, and usually I wouldn’t want to scare them away. In the end someone said I look like I came straight out of Wonderland but otherwise it was pretty positive! And I felt more positive too!

Not only was my outfit all pink, but my bracelet too. I love this – it was made by women in Nepal to help protect them from human trafficking. I’ll write a proper post on them later this week but I love this – it’s pink and it reminds me that I’m lucky to be where I am, and it allowed me to help those less fortunate than myself.


Yup, even my shoes – which I have previously thought to be too much for work – came out yesterday. BAM!

I really hope we can spread this concept of Mutiger Montag. We spend so much time worrying how other people see us that we forget to be who we are. I love having the opportunity to express myself more in my style every Monday. YOU SHOULD JOIN ME!!




Mutiger Montag

So my German blogger buddy Ines who is an image consultant came up with this amazing idea of having “Mutiger Montag”. Mutiger means “bravery” and Mutiger Montag is all about wearing something – be it clothes, accessories or makeup that you wouldn’t have the guts to usually every Monday. I think we all have things that we bought but sit there collecting dust because we don’t have the bravery to use them.

In Japan I was really brave with my style – from knee high socks to shorts, I really pushed the style boat out. Here in Frankfurt, women really glare you down when you wear something out of the ordinary so I find myself wearing lots of plain clothes all the time. So I for one am glad that Ines had this awesome idea!


Despite the fact that I told her I’d totally be up for Mutiger Montag this week, I totally forgot until Monday morning but I did find these big earrings that I bought and never wear – I don’t think big earrings like this are a little too big for me. I prefer studs right now, especially for work.

It’d be really cool if people would jump on this idea and wear something a little extra snazzy every Monday. If you have a blog, please send Ines links so she can see that her idea is setting off! I’d love to see what people do as well. Let’s all be mutiger together and start something amazing!