Mutiger Montag Nov 4th


So Mutiger Montag used to be a thing that I did with my blogger friend Ines but I guess both she and I forgot to keep it up… Well, I’d like to bring it back!

“Mutiger” means bravery in German, and the idea behind Mutiger Montag is that every Monday you wear something that’s been sat at the back of your wardrobe, something you didn’t have the guts to wear.

I had the perfect Mutiger Montag today with this dress, which I bought in Dorothy Perkins over the summer, but it’s just that little bit too short and that little bit too tight to wear as a summer dress as it’s intended. Add some leggings to cover up my legs and a cardigan to cover up the tightness and hey presto! I Mutiger Montag success!

A few of my friends who read my blog have commented on the fact that I don’t do this any more so I thought it would be great to bring it back. I hope Ines also gets back into the swing of it! ;) Hint hint!

Jumping Jumpers


As much as I don’t like haul posts (because it often leads me to wonder how on earth girls can afford all they buy… it’s totally OK not to spend so much money all the time, girls!!) I bought three jumpers at the weekend – all from Primark – and I wanted to share them with you!

The first is this owl jumper, which I bought a few sizes too big so it would be a baggy, cuddly fit. The owl bit of it is SO soft. Someone the other day said that people usually have one main sense – and I think mine is touch. When shopping I always go round feeling things even before properly looking at things.


I loved the speckled colours of this one, but then I saw the sleeves. And I fell in love. If I was a jumper, this would be me. AND I can say that I wear my heart on my sleeve!!


This last one is very bright. I think I’ll have to wear this on a Mutiger Montag or something!

None of these jumpers were more than 15 euros. I don’t like spending more than… say, 30 euros on a jumper. I don’t think it’s needed. On the other hand, I feel guilty about child labor and so on. But even the high end brands use sweat shops, so as a consumer, there’s not a lot we can do, I think. I would love for there to be a clear list of shops that treated its factory workers well, so I could know where is good to shop…

Woah, what a sad ending to a happy jumper post! Talk to me! Talk about jumpers, Primark, cheap jumpers and sweatshops!!


Fashion From Sweet Smell of Success

Frankfurt’s film museum shows a lot of awesome movies, and it’s also a great place for a date! I saw the 1957 film “Sweet Smell of Success” which is a really awesome film noir film. I could talk about how good the film was, but I think the boyfriend is probably much better at that than I am, so I’ll stick to fashion!

My favourite character by far was Susie. Innocent, cute as a button but ultimately fierce, knowing how to fight for what she wants. Such an idol -

Rita was the other female lead, and the one most girls can relate to, I think. Unlucky in love, trying hard but just making innocent mistakes. She’s quite the opposite to Susie.

Mutiger Montag 23.07.12

Monday came around so quickly this time… But at least I was more prepared for Mutiger Montag! The concept, that I’ve written about before, came from my blogger buddie Ines and involves everyone wearing or using someone that they usually don’t have the guts to wear or use, every Monday. Be it those tights that are just too bright or that necklace that could anchor a boat, bring out all your stuff that’s gathering dust and love them!!



So, just a little disclaimer – I such at taking photos of myself. Always the one with the camera, never the one having my own photo taken – I just suck.

So anyway. My Mutiger point yesterday was to dress more “me”. I love pink. I love girly, bright, sparkly things. I often tone it down because I don’t want to alarm people. But yesterday in the spirit of being Mutiger, I dressed exactly how I wanted to dress. This was especially brave since I went to an event in the evening where I would meet lots of new friends, and usually I wouldn’t want to scare them away. In the end someone said I look like I came straight out of Wonderland but otherwise it was pretty positive! And I felt more positive too!

Not only was my outfit all pink, but my bracelet too. I love this – it was made by women in Nepal to help protect them from human trafficking. I’ll write a proper post on them later this week but I love this – it’s pink and it reminds me that I’m lucky to be where I am, and it allowed me to help those less fortunate than myself.


Yup, even my shoes – which I have previously thought to be too much for work – came out yesterday. BAM!

I really hope we can spread this concept of Mutiger Montag. We spend so much time worrying how other people see us that we forget to be who we are. I love having the opportunity to express myself more in my style every Monday. YOU SHOULD JOIN ME!!




Mutiger Montag

So my German blogger buddy Ines who is an image consultant came up with this amazing idea of having “Mutiger Montag”. Mutiger means “bravery” and Mutiger Montag is all about wearing something – be it clothes, accessories or makeup that you wouldn’t have the guts to usually every Monday. I think we all have things that we bought but sit there collecting dust because we don’t have the bravery to use them.

In Japan I was really brave with my style – from knee high socks to shorts, I really pushed the style boat out. Here in Frankfurt, women really glare you down when you wear something out of the ordinary so I find myself wearing lots of plain clothes all the time. So I for one am glad that Ines had this awesome idea!


Despite the fact that I told her I’d totally be up for Mutiger Montag this week, I totally forgot until Monday morning but I did find these big earrings that I bought and never wear – I don’t think big earrings like this are a little too big for me. I prefer studs right now, especially for work.

It’d be really cool if people would jump on this idea and wear something a little extra snazzy every Monday. If you have a blog, please send Ines links so she can see that her idea is setting off! I’d love to see what people do as well. Let’s all be mutiger together and start something amazing!

My New Bag (Shopping in Frankfurt)

Most women living in Frankfurt will tell you that shopping here really does suck. I will tell you exactly the same, and this comes from a girl who lived in middle-of-nowhere Japan for two years. The problem here isn’t the lack of shops (Zeil, the main shopping street, is pretty long) but the lack of variety here. On Ziel, there are 3 H&Ms and 2 Zaras. On the exact same street. There are other shops like Mango and so on, but all in all the variety in the clothes is just so slim.

German ladies are naturally stunning. They can get away with wearing minimal make-up and dressing down all the time, but this means that they have no interest in wearing new trends, or interesting new styles. It’s very much the same with toiletries and make-up – it’s hard to find inventive new products.

I’d happily spend more on clothes to get nice styles but I find myself taking the trip to Primark in the north once a month to get my fashion fix. That is pretty much the only place where you can get funky styles and interesting prints.

And so when my lovely green Primark satchel broke this week, I didn’t know what to do. I spent Friday evening running up and down Ziel trying to find a bag that had a good balance of cuteness and quality. After almost giving up and resorting to Rewe carrier bags until I go back to England for a weekend, I remembered that there is an Accessorize. I tend not to go in there because it’s as if someone has just sat down and made things that they know I’ll be addicted to, and I end up spending way more than I planned, but they did in fact have just the kind of thing I was looking for. And at only 40 Euros.

I had heard that over in Darmstat there is a (GASP) TK Maxx, so I might make a trip over there some time too. But for now I’m just going to be content with my hot pink satchel.

Pajama Trousers

I’m back on the blogging horse.

Every Sunday I go with my friends to have brunch. We used to go to an English pub, but the large numbers of big British men coming and eating all the food, then being noisy and unsociable made us look to go other places. But that’s a story for another day.

This is relevant though, because on the way to our brunch location last week, I happened to see some girls carrying Primark bags. Why was this out of the ordinary, you say? Well, it was a Sunday so shops are usually closed. BUT Primark bags are weaker than I am during a Mario Kart contest – there is no way those bags were that fresh a day later. Primark had to be open.

So, after eating I checked the internet (I lie, someone wonderful who speaks German did it for me) and I found that it was indeed open!!! I rushed over there, seeing as my Saturdays are usually busy and I’ve not had the chance to shop and also OMG Sunday shopping.

I love Primark. I dislike German shops. German fashion is basic and functional and completely non-fun. Primark, an Irish shop, has quirky clothes that, sure, fall apart within a year, but come on! 6 euros for jeans?! 3 euros for t-shirts?! (I always feel bad about the people who make this stuff.. but it’s not like H&M don’t do the whole sweat shop thing too… even expensive places like Topshop are guilty…)

One of my favourite purchases of the day was a pink silk blouse with pink birds on them. Maybe when the office stops being so cold, I will wear it and show you. But today, I’d like to show you the trousers I bought. They are cool because they look like pajama bottoms.

I had thought that maybe with some heals, they might look less pajama-y. But no. They still look like I am a Scouse girl in Tescos on a Saturday morning. But that is why I love them.

I have this friend who wears the brightest and loudest clothes. I really admire her. I tell her I love her skirt and she tells me it’s made from Ikea curtain material. She is wonderful. I have been wanting to channel her attitude towards fashion, and these trousers made me that little closer today. In the station on the way to work, people did glare at my legs (why do they do that?!) But, you know, I don’t care. It’s awesome.

Also, The Guardian says that I am trendy. So there.