Plank Bar

2013-08-20 18.25.26

There’s a new little bar that’s popped up near the main station in Frankfurt. It’s called Plank, and it is THE hipster place to be right now.

What is it? It’s a signless corner bar on Elbestraße that is always full of smartly dressed young people and a few crates to sit at.

What’s so great about it? Firstly, their wine is amazing. They have specially selected wines for each season and when I spoke (in German!!) to the barman he told me (also in German!!! – No replying in English here!) all about the wine; he was clearly very passionate about it. They also have a nice selection of selected beers, whiskeys and other drinks.

The barman is very dapper in his bow tie and shirt, which sets the tone for the people drinking there too. I may be going way too far into it, but I think Plank is the spirit of the area around the main station right now. Sure, there are still the druggies and the sex shops but there’s a real sense of hipstery with lots of new, cool shops springing up and lots of young cool folk living there.

There’s no food sold at Plank, except for those expensive British crisps which I’ve never seen before in the UK but taste like home.

And here is the website. Make sure to stick around there long enough to watch the video embedded in the background. It’s pretty special.

Find Plank (look for a brown bar on the corner of the street – it’s not got a sign) at Elbestraße 15, 60329 Frankfurt.

Hafen 2 Cafe

2013-08-20 18.28.23

A short bike ride along the river towards Offenbach is one of my favourite places to be – Hafen 2 Cafe. I was shown it on a gorgeous Autumn day – the day I bought my bike – and I have such amazing memories of the times I’ve made the trip over there.

2013-08-20 18.27.37

To get there, bike along the Main river towards Offenback on the Sachsenhausen (south) side. Just keep going straight (there will be a few small turns but keep in that direction) and when you hit proper roads, look left and it should be there behind some construction.

On the way, keep an eye out for the “ich” plinth! It’s always a great photo opportunity!

2013-08-20 18.27.58What you’ll find at Hafen 2 is a lovely little hipster cafe with homemade cakes and small brand cola for you to enjoy while sitting in a deck chair. The view isn’t the best in Frankfurt but there’s so much going on that you won’t need much to look at.

2013-08-20 18.31.06

This is what you’re looking for – the entrance!


There’s an outdoor cinema with loads of different things showing. They also have a stage for gigs as well.


A library of posters for events to fill your days…


If you have a bike and are able to get there, I highly recommend Hafen 2. It’s my go-to place for a lazy bike ride-y day!

Margarete Cafe

2013-08-14 08.24.02

Being slightly geeky, my friends and I sometimes like to set up camp in a cafe and sit and write, read or study. My friends like to write novels because they are clever clogs, and I tend to write more standup comedy these days.

We’d heard about a cafe/restaurant called Margarete – a slightly upmarket place was a great place to chill out. Situated near to Dom Romer, it was very easy to get to on the way home from work.

2013-08-14 08.25.13

So there were many good points and many bad points about Margarete. Let’s run through them -


The food was really good. I had the quiche and Boyfriend had the eggs and green sauce. The green sauce here was easily the best we’d tasted in Frankfurt so far.

The drinks were good.

I love the interior – and the big open windows at the front were really nice since it was a roasting hot day.


The service was terrible. Even worse than the normal German level of service. I can’t even put it down to the place being busy – it just wasn’t.

It’s expensive. 7 euros for a quiche the size of my palm? Gaaah.

The card machine chewed up and spat out two cards. It just wouldn’t accept them – for no reason at all. That was pretty annoying and embarrassing.

Despite the bad points, I think this would be a cute date night place – the couple could even bond over the poor service! They do proper meals here too but you may need to take out a loan to be able to afford it…

I’d go back, but only on a day when I’m ok with really poor service.

Find Margarete at Braubachstraße 18, 60311 Frankfurt

Cafe Charivari

2013-06-30 22.36.54

The other week my boyfriend had a gig in Bornheim and so while I waited for him to do his soundcheck, I found a nice cafe nearby. I’d been to Cafe Charivari before, on a warm evening last summer. They have a side garden tot he left which is simply beautiful at night.

I ordered an Indian chai and was happy to see that it came with warm cream and honey – usually they’ll just give it to you all ready made so it’s not the right level of sweetness for me.

I find that in Frankfurt when you order tea you’ll get one of two types of drink; a cup of hot water and a packaged (and cheap) tea bag, or some Kusumi tea. Neither of these options are worth 3 or 4 euros, so I was really happy to see the range of cheap tea they had at Charivari. Take a look! -



On the menu was also homemade quiche which I’d like to try out some time, as well as a few other dinner options.

When the weather warms up I think you’ll find me here a lot more often. I simply can’t resist a sparkly garden and a good cup of tea!!

Find Cafe Charivari at Berger Straße 99, 60316 Frankfurt am Main

More Micha Bubble Tea!


Dove and myself, in our bubble tea tour of Frankfurt, have already visited one Micha Bubble Tea place. On the number 12 tram ride to town from work, I noticed another bubble tea place, and thought to go and check it out – it turned out to also be Micha! We were pretty upset that we’d not found anywhere new… BUT!


There were SO many more choices at this place than the one in Zeil Galerie!


We did a little happy dance and then had to think very long and hard about what we wanted to drink…


ALSO!!!! THIS amazing frozen yogurt machine with ALL THE TOPPINGS! This is clearly the best place ever.


So, the scores on the doors!

I didn’t write down what Dove had, but I had a grapefruit Yakult drink with tapioca.

Scores /10 -

Price – 10

Range – 9.5

Taste – 9

Bubbles – 8

Drink – 8

The cookies looked really good there, and there was lots of sitting space. The girl at the counter spoke good English and was very friendly. They also had Calpis!


Find Micha Bubble Tea at Münchener Str. 40 60329 Frankfurt


A few weeks ago we went to Bar Hundert for a few drinks to say goodbye to a colleague who was leaving to start a new life in London.

As you may know, I am terrible with alcohol and have the drinking knowledge of a 5 year old child. However, this bar had an interesting selection of “health and beauty” cocktails, within which was one called “Beautiful 24″. I am neither beautiful, nor am I 24 anymore, but I thought I’d give it a shot. It was pretty strong, but not as bad as my previous alcoholic choices.

The music there started off with salsa-ish Latin music that was making me do Zumba in my seat. Then it changed to sort of disco-karaoke tracks… my kind of music for sure!

The drinks were a little bit pricey but I really loved the atmosphere here and we could sit in a little quieter outside section and still enjoy the music. I’d love to go back there again soon, it was a lovely little discovery!

You can find Barhundert at Inh. Mümtaz Yildiz  Stiftstrasse 34 D-60313 Frankfurt

Drinks in the Sun – Maincafe

A sunny afternoon called for lazy beers, lazy conversation and plenty of relaxing. My friend introduced me to Maincafe, a small establishment by the Main River.

Buy a drink and then settle down on one of the benches, or ask to borrow some deck chairs and then sip and watch the sun go down. This is the life.

Since I live just over the river, it was a short walk home for me. However, it was made longer as I stopped to marvel at how pretty Frankfurt is in the evening.

You can find Maincafe by the river at Schaumainkai 50, 60596 Frankfurt. Come join me for a drink next time!


Chaplin Bar and Lounge


In our group of friends, there’s one thing in particular that gets pretty much everyone excited – cocktails. Though we don’t go out soooo often, I like to steer people towards new and exciting bars when we do go out. Bornheim is a popular spot for daytime and nighttime fun but no one had ever heard of Chaplin Bar, so I said it’d be a good place to check out.


We sat outside – though on the wall inside there was a sign saying smokers were welcome so if you don’t appreciate smoke it’s probably best to sit outside. They had a small range of food, and a few extra things on a blackboard next to the door. When eating out in Germany it’s always best to look out for the blackboard menu since that’s where you can find the more unique and special things to eat.

The cocktails were averagely priced at about 6-7 euros, and they came with plenty of fruit on top. As a non-drinker, I was pleased with the big selection of non-alcoholic cocktails. I recommend the alcohol-free sportsman.


The service could have been a lot better but it wasn’t the worst we’d seen here by far.

Chaplin Bar & Lounge was a nice place for a change. There wasn’t anything that stood out as unique or interesting, though, so I’m not sure I’d go there again.

You can find Chaplin Bar & Lounge at Berger Straße 247  60385 Frankfurt, Germany. The google map location for this is really, really wrong so don’t rely on it.


Bubble Tea – Coy and Dan’s

Our bubble tea journey has taken me to a shop I feel very passionate about. Coy and Dan’s is an independent shop in Bornheim that’s not been open very long. It’s a crying shame that this place isn’t getting the queues of people that the bigger chain shops get – so I want YOU to go there!!

On top of a really awesome range of drinks, you can also choose to have soy milk instead of regular milk used in your drink (ask for no cream if you’re allergic though) as well as smoothies, yogurt drinks and even tubs of bio icecream. You can choose to have tapioca or “fruit pearls”, or other toppings such as toffee and crunchy bits.

The owner and the staff lady are super super lovely, too. Be sure to check out all their travel photos on the walls! This place also has the most room to sit down that we’ve seen so far, as well.

They’re not shown in the photo (I have been on multiple occasions now!!) but I had a pink oreo with tapioca and Dove had matcha with tapioca.

So here are our ratings (/10) for Coy and Dan’s!

Price - 7 (3.90)

Range - 10

Taste - 10

Bubbles - 8

Drink - 10

You can find Coy and Dan’s at Schopenhauer Straße 2, 60316 Frankfurt/Main. If you happen to go (which you should!) tell them Charlotte sent you!

Homemade Lemonade – Bull and Bear

I went out for a drink the other week in Bull and Bear – a cafe/restaurant just off of Zeil in Frankfurt. Of course, I went for the homemade lemonade!

Although the toppings were pretty nice, the drink itself wasn’t very nice at all. I think maybe I don’t like mint based lemonades. But this one just tasted flat and mucky… and looked like pond water.

My friend had a coffee which he said was very nice, so I think the drinks in general are pretty good there (probably…) but this isn’t one for my homemade lemonade list. The food menu looked pretty good too, with burgers and salads and the usual cafe type foods.

I think as a rule of thumb though, places around Zeil are so popular for their convenience that they don’t really need to focus on the quality of their food and drinks. The only exception I can think of if Meat Us – which I consider to be the best burger in town.

If anyone can prove me wrong on this theory, please do so!