What’s Up With Food Trends? [Cronuts!!]


If you’ve been reading my blog for a long time then you might remember I went through a phase of checking out all the bubble tea places in town. Bubble tea is now dead. I think Lilly and Willy is still open but the others are long gone. Bubble tea’s last bubble was barely deflated before the next king of food was sat on the throne – donuts.

The Dunkin Donuts that opened in town a few months ago was riding proud on the trend wave but now there is a new kid in town. The cronut.


When I heard that the cronut had come to Frankfurt via The Donut People, I knew I had to try it out. A short shout-out on Facebook later and I had a small team (…2 people and myself) of people ready to try the cronut. This is the thing that made people queue up from 4am to eat.

And was it worth it?

Yeah, I guess so. We got a box of 6 since the two boys wanted 2 each (and who can turn down sugar? NOT ME) and the second one was definitely a bad idea. It was very sweet, a little crumbly…but I probably wouldn’t have one again in a hurry. Actually, the orange espresso (above) was the thing that stole my heart/taste buds. Think Terry’s chocolate orange…in a little glass.

And yes, we did do the “don’t lick your lips until you’ve finished the donut” game. I believe I won…

And what’s the next food trend? Well, I’m no expert (unless eating lots of food makes me an expert…in which case I am the world’s biggest [lols] expert) but I’d say the burritos are going to be big…


I’m off to Turkey today! I’ll have internet so I expect to stay blogging but it might be a little less frequent. BYEEEEEE

Bubble Tea – Lilly and Willy


We are slowly running out of bubble tea places to try, but I remembered that there is one up at the top of My Zeil shopping centre – Lilly and Willy.


Tiny bit blurred, sorry about that.

They had quite a few choices here, which was nice. But it was obviously aimed at children – not the “fun Asian” type of place, nor the “healthy choice” kind of place either. The man serving (a big burly man in a girly apron) let us taste test our drinks to see if they were sweet enough first, which was a nice touch.

I had coconut and tapioca (my favourite combo) and Dove had mango milk with passionfruit bubbles.

Here are our scores for Lilly and Willy (rated /10)

Price – 8

Range – 7

Taste – 7

Drink – 6

Bubbles – 7

I think this is actually the lowest scoring place we’ve been to yet. BUT there is one thing that will make sure we go back – INNUENDO! From the “Willy size” drink size, to the girl with the “I love Willy” t-shirt… this is a place to go back to!


You can find Lilly and Willy on the top floor of My Zeil shopping centre.

More Micha Bubble Tea!


Dove and myself, in our bubble tea tour of Frankfurt, have already visited one Micha Bubble Tea place. On the number 12 tram ride to town from work, I noticed another bubble tea place, and thought to go and check it out – it turned out to also be Micha! We were pretty upset that we’d not found anywhere new… BUT!


There were SO many more choices at this place than the one in Zeil Galerie!


We did a little happy dance and then had to think very long and hard about what we wanted to drink…


ALSO!!!! THIS amazing frozen yogurt machine with ALL THE TOPPINGS! This is clearly the best place ever.


So, the scores on the doors!

I didn’t write down what Dove had, but I had a grapefruit Yakult drink with tapioca.

Scores /10 -

Price – 10

Range – 9.5

Taste – 9

Bubbles – 8

Drink – 8

The cookies looked really good there, and there was lots of sitting space. The girl at the counter spoke good English and was very friendly. They also had Calpis!


Find Micha Bubble Tea at Münchener Str. 40 60329 Frankfurt

Bubble Tea – Micha (Zeilgalerie)

Our bubble tea adventure continued to Micha in Zeilgalerie. I’d been around when this opened in the Christmas vacation and there was a massive queue to go there so I was quite looking forward to seeing what the fuss is about.

As you can see, there is quite a lot to choose from…

There were also yummy macaroons on sale! The girl at the counter was pretty friendly and the service was ok. There was only a little sofa in the corner to sit on – I think the main idea is that you walk around the shopping centre with the drinks.

I had a vanilla frappucchino with tapioca and Dove had kiwi tea with lemon jelly.

Here are our scores (/10)

Price – 8 (3.70 euros)

Range – 7 (Dove says there’s lots of fruit!)

Taste – 7

Bubbles – 8

Drink – 7

My frappe was kinda like icecream – it tasted just like a McDonald’s shake. And there wasn’t much ice in it which was good!

Not one of the better bubble tea places but a convenient location.

Find Micha inside Zielgalerie on Ziel shopping street, between Galeria and My Ziel.

Bubble Tea – Coy and Dan’s

Our bubble tea journey has taken me to a shop I feel very passionate about. Coy and Dan’s is an independent shop in Bornheim that’s not been open very long. It’s a crying shame that this place isn’t getting the queues of people that the bigger chain shops get – so I want YOU to go there!!

On top of a really awesome range of drinks, you can also choose to have soy milk instead of regular milk used in your drink (ask for no cream if you’re allergic though) as well as smoothies, yogurt drinks and even tubs of bio icecream. You can choose to have tapioca or “fruit pearls”, or other toppings such as toffee and crunchy bits.

The owner and the staff lady are super super lovely, too. Be sure to check out all their travel photos on the walls! This place also has the most room to sit down that we’ve seen so far, as well.

They’re not shown in the photo (I have been on multiple occasions now!!) but I had a pink oreo with tapioca and Dove had matcha with tapioca.

So here are our ratings (/10) for Coy and Dan’s!

Price - 7 (3.90)

Range - 10

Taste - 10

Bubbles - 8

Drink - 10

You can find Coy and Dan’s at Schopenhauer Straße 2, 60316 Frankfurt/Main. If you happen to go (which you should!) tell them Charlotte sent you!

Bubble Tea – Nom Nom

NEWNESS! I’m starting a new feature on here where I go round reviewing all the bubble tea shops in Frankfurt.

Bubble tea is huge here. I used to drink it all the time in Japan – with tapioca, not these new popping ones. I love it. But it’s not reached the UK (to my knowledge…) just yet. Last time I checked, they were still on the whole ‘make a milkshake from a chocolate bar’ thing.

But anyway, myself and Dove from Sparrow and Dove have taken it upon ourselves to go and taste test and inform you where to go for the best drinks!

First up is Nom Nom – a place fairly central, located next to a delightfully named sexshop called “Inside Her”.

We liked it here – the girl was pretty friendly and the tea was nice. I liked that they used soy milk and had real tapioca, and Dove liked the wide range of “popping boba”. She also didn’t fill it right up with ice either – which makes it really hard to get to all the tapioca/boba at the end.

I had caramel with tapioca and Dove had green apple milk tea with passionfruit boba.

Here are our scores (/10) for Nom Nom:

Price – 6 (4.19 for Dove’s and 3.99 for mine)

Range – 8

Taste – 7

Bubbles – 9

Drink – 8

Total – 38

You can find Nom Nom at Stiftstraße 9-17, 60313 Frankfurt am Main.