8 Places for Brunch in Frankfurt


I’ve written about brunch many times before, but I feel there needs to be an updated list of great places to spend a lazy German Sunday in Frankfurt. Here are 8 of my favourite places for Sunday brunch!

8. Yours Australian Bar

Yours have a good, cheap yet noisy brunch consisting of lots of American/British favourites like pancakes, bacon and sausages. Their homemade lemonade is some of the best in town! They don’t take reservations for after 11am.

My previous review.

Their website.


7. Merianbad Cafe

Boasts to be the longest brunch selection in Frankfurt! One of my favourite buffet places, but the quality of the food is what you’d expect from a cheap buffet. Wonderful in the summer.

My previous review.

Their website.


6. Urban Kitchen

Only the Urban Kitchen up at Hauptwache and the one on the Main river have buffets, the Kaiserstraße one does it a la carte. With the buffet you are also able to order all-you-can-eat style from the menu and choose from pasta, curries and soups as well.

My previous review.

Their website.


5 Simit Sarayi

Turkish bakery Simit Sarayi sells amazing things for quick eats, but they also have great brunches with eggs, meat and breads as well as some other Turkish breakfast dishes for a slow and yummy weekend morning. Very very busy so be sure to get there on the early side! No reservations taken.

Their website.


4 Cafe Schoppenhauer

A brunch for pay-day celebrations. Buffet style, but hitting the higher scale at 20 euros (drinks and champagne included). They are very very busy so be sure to reserve, and get there early (I’d say 12.30 at the latest) as when the food runs out, it runs out.



3. Schoneburger

A la carte brunch with some amazing food. Downside is that it’s pretty noisy and the service can be slow. I’d say you’d be able to get in without reservations with two or three people but booking is best.

My previous review.

Their website.


2. Cafe Karin

Very cutesy, very popular. A menu full of delicious, “home cooking” style food. But everyone knows how great this place is so I recommend making a reservation at least half a week in advance.

My previous review.

Their website.


1. Cafe Maingold

My favourite place in Frankfurt, whether for a lazy Sunday brunch sat in an old armchair eating the best muesli in town, or for Summer evening drinks outside under fairy lights. As with all great places, reservations are needed for brunch. Check out their list of unusual fizzy drinks/sodas.

My previous review.

Their website.

Nordlicht Frankfurt


My colleagues and I, we like cocktails. Actually, I much prefer red wine most of the time but I don’t mind being dragged out for alcoholic beverages on a Friday night.

One such cocktail joint I was dragged to is Nordlicht in Nordend, Frankfurt. Quite a small place inside, but the staff are pretty cheery and it was good enough to make me want to share the recommendation with you all!

I went there and drank wine, but if you’re in a cocktaily mood be sure to know what you like because there is no cocktail menu – you just tell the staff what you want.

We all had food and it all was really great. I really loved my salad and it didn’t make me feel like I was missing out on ‘read’ food at all.

Now that the weather is warming up, I think it’d be a lovely place to sit and have a drink and I believe they have a great brunch menu too so it’s another Frankfurt brunch option.

Find Nordlicht at Koselstr. 2-4, Nordend Frankfurt. They’re closed on Mondays.

A Great Brunch – Schoneberger


It really makes me happy when people google search about brunch in Frankfurt and find my blog. I really enjoy the culture here of just taking it easy on Sundays and parking up in a nice restaurant and slowly making your way through a week’s worth of calories. I love brunch very much.

So, I was very excited when a girlfriend invited me out to a brunch location I hadn’t even heard of! How can that be?! It’s name is Schoneberger and it’s located up the top of Bergerstraße. It has a moose head on the wall. What more do you need from a place?!

]2013-09-29 17.04.28

I went with a sickly sweet brunch option, with some french toast and home made quark. It was heavenly. My friend’s savory choice looked pretty good too. There were two or three choices that I couldn’t choose between so I can’t wait to go back there to try the others.

The staff were pretty slow (I didn’t tip in the end because they were messing around behind the bar for ages when we were trying to order more drinks/pay) so that was a downer but food-wise it was really great.

You can find Schoneberger at Berger Straße 237, 60385 Frankfurt.

My Bar? No Yours Bar!

2013-06-22 14.58.14


I’ve already written about Yours Australian bar before, but about their brunch. I’ve found myself back here a few times though recently, so I thought I’d write a little more about it.

If there are any fellow Nintendoites out there I should start by saying – they take meal vouchers here! Though not for the drinks, I guess. They do pretty good cocktails here though I really love the homemade lemonade. It’s the type that is full of rock sugar to crunch on OM NOM NOM.

Their food is pretty good, too. A burger loving friend of mine swears that this is the best burger in Frankfurt but sadly when I went to burger here I went by someone’s recommendation and got the emu burger which was dry and tasteless.

The picture above is one of the few vegetarian options; a hummus wrap. The hummus was pretty awesome but although it said there was falafel in the wrap, they should have said that slithers of falafel may be hiding in very small amounts in the wrap.

As usual the staff were friendly and smiley and it was pleasant there.

Find Yours Australian Bar at Rahmhofstr. 2-4 (Schillerpassage) 60313 Frankfurt

Brunch at Lokalbahnhof


I was complaining for ages that I’d not been to this popular brunch spot and then I went twice in two weeks! I’d heard amazing things about Lokalbahnhof’s brunch – I’d been there in the evening and though the music is a tad too loud, it’s a really quirky, slightly hipstery place (and you know those are my favourite kinds of places).


I can’t remember how much the brunch actually was and it doesn’t list it on the website but I think it was something like 12 euros, no drinks included. There were breads and cold meats and some sausages and eggs. There was enough for vegetarian people to eat, and kinda enough for wheat free people like myself to eat (though I did take a croissant…) There was also a fresh waffle maker (above).


They even had Frankfurt “favourites” like handkäse for you to try!

I think this brunch was ok. I honestly don’t think it deserves all the raving people do about it – Merianbad Cafe is just as nice food-wise and has a lot more selection and order-your-own eggs. For Lokalbahnhof you NEED to book – especially if your group is bigger than 2 people. The boyfriend and I managed to get seated without one on Easter Sunday but normally I think it’s pretty much impossible. When I went with a group of friends, we had a table booked for 10 people but they don’t put a table aside for you, just estimate when people are going to be done around that time. So in the end we waited for a while and then were given a table that only 8 people could fit at – luckily 2 people didn’t show up.

If you want brunch near to old Sachsenhausen then this is a good place to check out. If you are able to get into town, there are much better options. But if you really do want to try it here, you can find Lokalbahnhof at Darmstädter Landstr. 14, 60594 Frankfurt am Main.

Ladurée Paris


So when I was in Paris I was invited to brunch at Ladurée, which is a very famous tea shop in Paris. They’re famous for their macaroons and are apparently listed in every Japanese guidebook because in the 10 minutes I spent waiting for my brunch buddy, I watched a constant stream of Japanese people taking photos outside the shop (but only a few going in to buy something).


Brunch was around 30 euros, and included breads, pastries, macaroons, sandwiches and eggs. I had scrambled eggs, which were nice but a little bland. I loved everything else in the meal, though. The breads were really great and the pastries were sugar-coated-nom-ness. I especially enjoyed watching the Japanese father at the next table take a bite out of the stick of butter, thinking it was some kind of sweet.


The tea was awesome, too. I had the Marie Antoinette tea, which I loved. I may even buy a tub of it some time so I can enjoy it whenever.

It’s a little on the pricey side, and apparently not everyone got the same nice experience I did there, so I guess it’s not for everyone, but I’d go back there for sure. It’s right up my street with the quaint low ceiling, the antique furniture and the tiny tables full of yummy food to eat.

There are various locations for Ladurée, and even some that are not in France! Check their website to find the one closest to you!

Brunch – Urban Kitchen

Last week I returned to the brunch group after a few weeks’ break. I do love Urban Kitchen’s brunch and I’ve never blogged about it before so I had all the reasons in the world to get out of bed and be sociable.


The awesome thing about Urban brunch is that it has a nice range of breads and cold meats and stuff, but you can also order hot things from the menu. Green curry, German food, soups etc.


We had some really nice tomato soup. I do love some good soup. The boys had some pasta as well, which also looked pretty good.


And the selection of cold food is also pretty good. It was very wheat heavy so it wasn’t ideal for me, really. But for my vegetarian friend it was pretty good. He seemed happy.


It even had some questionable spelling on the menu! I think they meant “gyoza”.. hehe


At the same time, there was one of the Frankfurt marathons going on. There are SO many marathons in this city. People were playing music along the course for the runners. But I think it should be illegal to have organised running on a Sunday.

Find Urban Kitchen at börsenstraße 14 6o313 Frankfurt, but there are 2 other Urbans in Frankfurt. On Saturday you pay a cheaper brunch rate of 10 euros on a Saturday, but you’re not able to pick hot food from the menu. On Sundays it’s 15 euros for brunch with hot food included.

Brunch – Cafe Karin


Last weekend we decided to try out Cafe Karin for our brunching times. I discovered this place online when trying to find a nice cafe to go to with my flatmate, in the Willy Brant Platz area.

After the success I had with muesli at the previous brunch, I went for their home made stuff at Cafe Karin, too. It wasn’t as impressive… and not as yummy by far. Their homemade banana quark was to die for, though – highly recommended!

The other brunch sets were all named after different areas of Frankfurt. Ostend, Nordend, Bornhiem…  there was no Gallus though, which made my friends sad.

The boys liked it there and said it was better value than Maingold Cafe, but I felt the opposite – it was slightly more expensive and the portions were smaller. My meal wasn’t very satisfying and I still felt pretty hungry afterwards (I ended up being really bad and snacked on the communal bread…) But everyone else liked it. The staff were pretty friendly, and the drinks were very nice.

You can find Cafe Karin at Grosser Hirschgraben 28 60311 Frankfurt/Main, it’s halfway between Willy Brant and Dom Romer – go from Willy because it’s easier to walk from that direction. Brunch is very popular and you should definitely book.



Sunday Brunch – Cafe Maingold


Our group has recently decided to stop limiting ourselves to buffet-only brunch places and branch out a litte. The first non-buffet brunch we had was at Maingold Cafe, near to Konstablewache.


I had the muesli which I LOVED. I can’t talk about my love for this enough. It was only 5 euros, it has a small layer of muesli at the bottom then LOADS of fruit and nuts on top. It was SO good.

Other people had to order the more expensive, massive sets in order to get the range they enjoy from a buffet brunch. This lot shown above was about 23 euros. Overall, the meals were reasonably priced for the sizes, I think.


They even had my favourite – Afri Cola! A sign of a classy establishment!

Brunch at Maingold Cafe needs to be booked – this place is always packed no matter what time of day it is. We booked a table for 10 people and since a few were sick only 6 turned up. The sofas and coffee table they gave us to eat at fitted us 6 people exactly – 10 people would never have been able to sit happily there. The staff are always pretty slow here as they are run off their feet.

This has been my favourite brunch in a long while, though my friends didn’t quite agree. For me, it was healthier than over eating, the thing I ate was cheap and healthy, and I liked the decor inside (mismatched and full of character). My friends didn’t appreciate the lack of choice on the menu, and thought it was a little on the expensive side.

You can find Maingold Cafe at Zeil 1, 60313 Frankfurt am Main. Remember to book.



Brunch at Iimori

I’m a huge fan of Iimori, a Japanese cafe and cake shop chain here in Frankfurt. There are a few places in Frankfurt (including Kamon Sushi) as well as a restaurant in France – all owned by the same Japanese lady. She’s a real inspiration for people who want to make something of themselves.

I’ve eaten in the Iimori restaurant (on Dom Romer) a few times and consider it to be the most authentic tasting Japanese food you can get in Frankfurt without breaking the bank. The cafe below that restaurant is my idea of heaven – Japanese drinks and cakes in a cafe surrounded by British antiques and mismatched nicnaks.

I went with the gorgeous Yolande from Craftymemories and another girlfriend for Iimori’s Sunday brunch.

This isn’t Japanese food for westerners – though there is some sushi there. This is a buffet of Japanese food known only to those who have spent a lot of time there – Japanese potato salad, Japan’s take on mabo tofu (a lot sweeter than the Chinese version), cold rice noodle salad… The stuff that you wouldn’t get usually at the bog standard Japanese restaurants.

There are a lot more drinks to choose from downstairs so you might like to do as I did and carry it upstairs with you – this is my azuki red bean milkshake.

The buffet is 18 euros and sadly doesn’t include any drinks. The food is nice though so I guess it’s worth it once in a while. But there are other buffets just as nice for a smaller price.

You can find Iimori’s restaurant at Braubachstraße 24 60311 Frankfurt, near Dom Romer tram stop. Brunch is until 3pm.