Korean Soul Food – Frankfurt



There are SO many new amazing places around Frankfurt main station right now. As I was walking home from the tram one day I noticed that there was a new Korean bibimbap place that had just opened up…and some of my flatmates were inside! I had to check it out.

Bibimbap is super yummy Korean food. You’ll have a bowl (sometimes a hot stone bowl) with rice, vegetables, meat/tofu and an egg, and you have to mix all this together and eat it with a spoon. It’s one of my most favourite foods ever.

S(e)oul is a very small place that lets you decide exactly what goes into your bibimbap. From different kinds of rice, to different veg and then different meats/tofu and sauce on top, it’s really up to you how you have it. I had mine with barley rice, all the veg and beef on top. The shitake mushrooms were really really good quality and probably my favourite part of the whole thing.

The guys running it are really friendly and always up for a good chat.

I can’t find any website for them just yet and they’re not even on Googlemaps yet, but you can find S(e)oul along Weserstraße, a few doors down from BonaMente.

New York – Thoughts


I’ve left the Big Camera back at home and have been taking photos of New York on my phone – don’t worry though! The Samsung Note 2 has a very good camera.

I love the above photo. It just describes my feels towards New York so well. There’s SO MUCH to look at. First “oooh Madison Avenue!!” but then “omg those buildings!” I keep tripping up from looking up and not where I’m walking.

Here is a list of things I have thought and felt since coming to New York. In no particular order -


American people are really friendly and nice. Young American boys give up their seats – Japanese people do not.

Everywhere in New York either smells like donuts or vomit.

American people are beautiful because they don’t care what others think about the way they dress. They just go for it and that is awesome.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether a guy is from New York or Berlin. They are basically the same thing.

Bathroom walls tell us that employees must wash their hands before going back to work. Do they all need to be told??


Visiting other countries also helps you appreciate how things are wherever you live. There has only been one thing that has made me appreciate The German Way so far and it’s to do with getting around. In fact, pretty much everything to do with getting around.

Firstly, New York is great because all the roads are numbered, right? Sure that’s great but you know what would be better? If they said which direction goes UP the numbers and which way goes DOWN. In Germany, there are little numbers underneath road signs saying which numbered houses are in each direction so it’s super handy.

Also, in Britain and Germany in the subway there are always maps around, or at least lists of which stations can be accessed with trains from each platform. There is hardly any info on platforms in New York. I’m relying on my TripAdvisor app metro map, as well as my method of getting on any train and then changing to the E line (which is dead simple and has station lists in the carriages).

I may seem to be negative about New York but really, the above two problems are two things I can think of that are negative here. I simply love it. I love how friendly people are. I love how everyone in the comedy/improv world is so accepting and helpful and welcoming. I love how everyone is striving for something more. How everyone has a dream they are chasing and a passion that is keeping them going. The city is electric – not with people never sleeping from all the partying, but with people buzzing about taking improv classes, playing music, seeing shows, eating at the newest places. These are my people.

I have 4 more days here. I’ve been doing ALL THE THINGS so much that I want to take the last few days pretty lazily. I’m going to lots of comedy, performing at an open mic on Wednesday, meeting up with an old friend of mine and hopefully, if the weather gets better, walking over the Brooklyn Bridge.

If you have any last “YOU MUST DO THIS” advice then I’m still all ears!


All Dolled Up


I was visiting New York toy shop FAO Schwarz the other day (they have That Giant Piano that Tom Hanks played on in the movie Big) and found myself wandering through the doll section. I know a lot of toy shops these days are becoming more gender neutral, but sadly this isn’t the case for FAO Schwarz. But that was OK. What kinda wasn’t OK were the ‘jobs’ that the dolls were listed as having.

When I was little I played with dolls a lot. Never baby dolls, always Barbie dolls. I wanted to be a fairy princess just like my Barbie, so I know just how influential dolls can be on young girls. I took a few photos of the dolls and their jobs just to compare them.

Above we have the start of the “collector dolls” which were really expensive ($30 ish) dolls which were meant to be given to girls as ornaments as opposed to play things. So Brook-Lynn (what a name) is an event planner. That’s a very fashionable job, I guess. After leaving Japan I was told that event planning would be one of the areas that I could go into after having been on the JET Programme. It sounds like a cool job.


Astor is a fitness model. Hmm, I guess this one is OK. A bit predictable, but OK.



It seems that New York (and, actually, London too) is all about women opening up blinkin’ quaint little cookie and cupcake shops. There’s a pop-up muffin shop pretty much on every corner here! I guess this is a nice one, as she would need to manage her own business to own a bakery.


Lastly we have Houston who is a personal shopper. Yawn. Because women love shopping, right? I wish there was just one non-bland job title in the collection.

Now let’s go onto the second series of dolls that caught my eye because they’re called Lottie (and I’m Charlotte, of course).


KAWAII karate?! Why does she have to be kawaii about it? Why can’t she be “super awesome kill-you-in-seconds” karate?!


Butterfly protector. Yawn.

You know what would have been awesome? Bee protector. Because bees are dying, and once they’re gone that’s not just honey we’ll have to do without, but lots of fruit and veg and plants that need bees in order to survive.


Robot girl?! Why can’t she just be a scientist?! Or just a robot?



Ok, I’ll admit, I quite liked this last one. It’s unique, not stereotypical, and kinda quirky. This one gets my thumbs up approval.

Christ Has Talent



Facing a massive lit up stage is a long table. On the far right sits God, who has his back to the stage and is waving at the audience much in the way The Queen waves at people. He shouts out to the audience “God loves you, every one of you!” Quickly followed by “you there boy! You’ve been touching yourself, haven’t you!! Masturbation makes the baby Jesus cry you know! HAHAHHAHAHAHA!!”

Next to God sits Jesus, who is rolling his eyes. “Omg dad do you have to be so embarrassing. You’re the worst.”

On the right, next to Jesus sits The Virgin Mary, who is slapping some chewing gum around her mouth while twiddling her hair.

A spotlight is turned on and into it walks a young girl who would be beautiful if her face wasn’t covered in acne and her hair looking like it hadn’t been washed in weeks.

“What’s your name, child?” booms God.

“Sherly-Lynn” replies the girl, through her braced teeth.

“Well darling, you should just sing. Go on lovey” drawls The Virgin Mary.

With a nod to the sound guy, Sherly-Lynn’s music starts. She sings “I Will Always Love You”. She is terrible in every way.

After the first note, Jesus slams his hand down on the buzzer. Then, when no one else stops her from singing, he takes to bashing his head over and over on the big red button.

Eventually God raises his hand with a smile and Sherly-Lynn stops. “Well, what a beautiful song. You are a very special and wonderful being” he tells her.

“I just want you to know” starts The Virgin Mary, “lots of people will try to bring you down in life. Sure, your face looks like a pizza and…what’s going on with the hair? Are you doing that no shampoo thing? Well good luck with that. But people will try to tell you you’re not pretty and I want you to know that you are. People told me I was a liar because I’m a virgin and yet I had a child. People may tell you you cannot sing but I want you to believe, Sherly-Lynn. You believe.”

Jesus has been watching both God and The Virgin Mary with his mouth open. When Mary finishes speaking he yells “WHAT?! WHAT is wrong with you both?! This was SHIT! I DID NOT DIE FOR THIS!! You know what, I’m out of here!”

When the door slams behind Jesus, God turns to Sherly-Lynn again, smiling still, and says “well, I guess we’ll meet you in the next round Sherly-Lynn! You’re going to VEGAS!!!!”

The crowd goes wild.

Mika – Relaxed German Dining



A little while back a few friends and I needed a place for a quick dinner on Bergerstraße before some evening entertainment. Mika was just across the road so we were set!

Mika is a pretty small restaurant with what I’d like to call modern German food. By that I mean that they don’t have sausages and schnitzel and so on, but have a lot of things that are subtly German. Like leek. And beetroot. And kokos curry soup.

I went with the leek and beetroot salad (above). It was nice, though a little small for the 8-ish euro price tag. I’d have liked a little more salad in my salad as well.


My friend had the quiche which looked good. When I asked her how it was she shrugged in a very Italian way and said “meh, it’s ok”.



My third friend had already eaten and so ordered a coffee. It came in a bath tub. It was very amusing watching him drink the whole thing and gave us an excuse to pick on him for a bit.

Though the food wasn’t anything to write home about, the guy serving was very charming and wanted to try out his English on us all.

Find Mika at Berger Straße 31, 60316, Frankfurt


Recent Photos


Top left – The fish in the work canteen looked horrible so I took the other lunchtime option – rice pudding. Winning. Top right – My friend went to Japan and brought back a Sherlock manga. I never even knew this was a thing. Bottom left – GERMAN FOOD OM NOM NOM. Bottom Right – The carnival in Frankfurt a few weeks ago.


Left – I stumbled across the Chinese garden in Frankfurt. Top – Someone left a Bible and a Christian message for people to read on the U-Bahn train. Bottom – Gluten free ham?! …Did it contain gluten to begin with??


And lastly, one of me in New York! 2 days in and my legs are DYING from all the walking! But, I just love love love it here. The whole place smells like donuts and every single person I’ve come across has been so friendly and passionate about what they do. I’ve been taking quite a few selfies and this is me at the top of the Rockefeller building. I just kept staring at the skyline for ages not believing that I’m actually here and what I’m looking at isn’t the opening for a rom-com or a movie. Pinch me now!

Linkies 21/03

It’s before 6.30am and I am up and ready to GO TO NEW YORK WHEEEEEEEEE

I’m so excited to see and do all the things I only have ever seen in the movies. Like eat a hot dog, and see red fire hydrants and see whether guys really are attracted to British accents.

Since I might not be able to post anything for a few days I have an extra long list of linkies for you today! Enjoy! And please, in the comments if you know of something I simply MUST* do in New York, please let me know!

(Please don’t include musicals because the two I wanted to see – Book of Mormon and Matilda are all over $100 to see and I am not paying that…)

Linkie time!

I love kale. I was so sad that Germany was too warm this winter for it to grow. But I do wonder how much harm I’m causing by buying into all these fad foods. I always try not to use quinoa since that’s very ethnically debatable as well. Here’s a very detailed look into the harm caused by foodie trends.

Are you Pharrell Williams?

If I was sick, I’d like Doctor Cat to take care of me. Yannick and Nerina try but alas, they never made it to university, let alone have doctorates.

Around the webs recently have been a lot of things about introverted/extroverted people and I’ve seen a lot of friends say that they really connect with that’s been written. I am extroverted but never really read any of these pieces and thought “wow, that’s me completely”. However, I found this article on things that highly creative people do and was nodding all the way through. Are you creative?

I really, really hope they have a turtleneck party in Frankfurt soon! I think Frankfurt would be the perfect place!

I want to stay in an igloo!!

If you are planning on going to Japan or hanging out with Japanese people any time soon then you’ll have to get savvy about omiyage! Luckily, Besudesu is here to explain everything.

This post about Icelandic food is awesome…but I don’t think I would have been able to eat the sheep head…

It seems Ireland are trying and failing at solving the unemployment problem as well. It’s a real shame it’s such a crappy scheme.

I think I’ll be using the G-E-M-S system for rating a city next time!

I’m missing the sakura this year. It’s just not the same when you’re not in Japan! Here’s some gorgeous sakura in Okinawa.

Lastly, I really enjoyed this post by Expat Kimchi about her daughters learning Korean. Childhood bilingualism is one of my favourite research topics so I love reading about other peoples’ experiences.