More Balcony!


The weather has heated up this past week here in Frankfurt, so my plants are a LOT happier! This chappy above (I don’t know what it is – I threw away the packet for the seeds – but actually I’m cool with it being a surprise!) is probably my most successful plant right now. I put him in a much bigger pot as well and he’s doing really well.


I have two other mystery pots – one is strawberries and one is another kind of flower. Both have tiny little shoots right now so I’m really pleased.


I put the daisies and another plant into this long pot. The daisies are not happy and are slowly dying. I hope they pick up (daisies are pretty strong, right?) but the one in the middle is really strong.


I planted these ages ago and they are just starting to come through now. I hope they play nicely with their neighbours!

My little urban garden is going pretty well I think. I just hope they progress enough by the time it gets colder again.

As I was taking these, there was a proper commotion going on below. There was an ambulance, this fire van and emergency doctor as well as 2 police cars downstairs. Surprisingly, I hadn’t heard any sirens – they LOVE putting them on along my road.