What I Ate in New York (Part 1)


The first thing I learnt in New York was to not buy things from street vendors. This was a “chilli dog” I bought for $5. It was disgusting, but I have heard lots of other worse stories so I think I may have gotten off lightly.


The second thing I learnt was that if I forgot to eat the whole day and then at around 4pm went to the first place nearby, I’d end up eating crappy food. Here is a cob salad I had at TGI Fridays. I seem to remember eating at TGI’s in Miami and really loving their salads, but this wasn’t so good. But yay for avocado!


NOW we’re talking! I wanted to compare 5 Guys and Shake Shack, and ended up finding a 5 Guys first. I loved it. I loved the burger, I loved the peanuts and I loved the malt vinegar to go on the fries. Love love love.


I had to go to Magnolia Bakery. I have to say, being a person who is not too fond of cupcakes normally, this was one of the best desserts I have ever had.


A little over exposed, I apologise. I walked around for SO LONG trying to find K-Town, the Korean part of New York. It sucks relying on screenshots of maps I took in the morning. But when I found it, I was HUNGRY. There were so many places to choose from so I ended up going for Kunjip. Luckily for me, Kunip appears to be one of the best places in town and was super busy with people wanting to try his top restaurant.

I was seated with a young lady (whose name I have forgotten – sorry, if you’re reading this!!) and we had a blast talking while we ate our bibimbaps. The food was excellent value for money (less than $10) with loads of sides. My only thing about it would be that there wasn’t any sesame oil to put in the bibimbap, which would have made it taste even better.


I was trying all the glitter polish in Sephora…

On the way out of K-Town I decided to try some frozen yoghurt! It was soooo good. So good, in fact, that I had more every time I went by a red mango place again!

8 Places for Brunch in Frankfurt


I’ve written about brunch many times before, but I feel there needs to be an updated list of great places to spend a lazy German Sunday in Frankfurt. Here are 8 of my favourite places for Sunday brunch!

8. Yours Australian Bar

Yours have a good, cheap yet noisy brunch consisting of lots of American/British favourites like pancakes, bacon and sausages. Their homemade lemonade is some of the best in town! They don’t take reservations for after 11am.

My previous review.

Their website.


7. Merianbad Cafe

Boasts to be the longest brunch selection in Frankfurt! One of my favourite buffet places, but the quality of the food is what you’d expect from a cheap buffet. Wonderful in the summer.

My previous review.

Their website.


6. Urban Kitchen

Only the Urban Kitchen up at Hauptwache and the one on the Main river have buffets, the Kaiserstraße one does it a la carte. With the buffet you are also able to order all-you-can-eat style from the menu and choose from pasta, curries and soups as well.

My previous review.

Their website.


5 Simit Sarayi

Turkish bakery Simit Sarayi sells amazing things for quick eats, but they also have great brunches with eggs, meat and breads as well as some other Turkish breakfast dishes for a slow and yummy weekend morning. Very very busy so be sure to get there on the early side! No reservations taken.

Their website.


4 Cafe Schoppenhauer

A brunch for pay-day celebrations. Buffet style, but hitting the higher scale at 20 euros (drinks and champagne included). They are very very busy so be sure to reserve, and get there early (I’d say 12.30 at the latest) as when the food runs out, it runs out.



3. Schoneburger

A la carte brunch with some amazing food. Downside is that it’s pretty noisy and the service can be slow. I’d say you’d be able to get in without reservations with two or three people but booking is best.

My previous review.

Their website.


2. Cafe Karin

Very cutesy, very popular. A menu full of delicious, “home cooking” style food. But everyone knows how great this place is so I recommend making a reservation at least half a week in advance.

My previous review.

Their website.


1. Cafe Maingold

My favourite place in Frankfurt, whether for a lazy Sunday brunch sat in an old armchair eating the best muesli in town, or for Summer evening drinks outside under fairy lights. As with all great places, reservations are needed for brunch. Check out their list of unusual fizzy drinks/sodas.

My previous review.

Their website.

Korean Soul Food – Frankfurt



There are SO many new amazing places around Frankfurt main station right now. As I was walking home from the tram one day I noticed that there was a new Korean bibimbap place that had just opened up…and some of my flatmates were inside! I had to check it out.

Bibimbap is super yummy Korean food. You’ll have a bowl (sometimes a hot stone bowl) with rice, vegetables, meat/tofu and an egg, and you have to mix all this together and eat it with a spoon. It’s one of my most favourite foods ever.

S(e)oul is a very small place that lets you decide exactly what goes into your bibimbap. From different kinds of rice, to different veg and then different meats/tofu and sauce on top, it’s really up to you how you have it. I had mine with barley rice, all the veg and beef on top. The shitake mushrooms were really really good quality and probably my favourite part of the whole thing.

The guys running it are really friendly and always up for a good chat.

I can’t find any website for them just yet and they’re not even on Googlemaps yet, but you can find S(e)oul along Weserstraße, a few doors down from BonaMente.

Mika – Relaxed German Dining



A little while back a few friends and I needed a place for a quick dinner on Bergerstraße before some evening entertainment. Mika was just across the road so we were set!

Mika is a pretty small restaurant with what I’d like to call modern German food. By that I mean that they don’t have sausages and schnitzel and so on, but have a lot of things that are subtly German. Like leek. And beetroot. And kokos curry soup.

I went with the leek and beetroot salad (above). It was nice, though a little small for the 8-ish euro price tag. I’d have liked a little more salad in my salad as well.


My friend had the quiche which looked good. When I asked her how it was she shrugged in a very Italian way and said “meh, it’s ok”.



My third friend had already eaten and so ordered a coffee. It came in a bath tub. It was very amusing watching him drink the whole thing and gave us an excuse to pick on him for a bit.

Though the food wasn’t anything to write home about, the guy serving was very charming and wanted to try out his English on us all.

Find Mika at Berger Straße 31, 60316, Frankfurt


Recent Photos


Top left – The fish in the work canteen looked horrible so I took the other lunchtime option – rice pudding. Winning. Top right – My friend went to Japan and brought back a Sherlock manga. I never even knew this was a thing. Bottom left – GERMAN FOOD OM NOM NOM. Bottom Right – The carnival in Frankfurt a few weeks ago.


Left – I stumbled across the Chinese garden in Frankfurt. Top – Someone left a Bible and a Christian message for people to read on the U-Bahn train. Bottom – Gluten free ham?! …Did it contain gluten to begin with??


And lastly, one of me in New York! 2 days in and my legs are DYING from all the walking! But, I just love love love it here. The whole place smells like donuts and every single person I’ve come across has been so friendly and passionate about what they do. I’ve been taking quite a few selfies and this is me at the top of the Rockefeller building. I just kept staring at the skyline for ages not believing that I’m actually here and what I’m looking at isn’t the opening for a rom-com or a movie. Pinch me now!

Burger Meister – Frankfurt’s Best Burger?


My colleagues and I took a trip to Sachsenhausen the other week to go to Burger Meister – a burger restaurant I’ve been meaning to try out for months.

Their posters and signs proudly say that they are Frankfurt’s best burger but I wasn’t sure. The range of burgers was really good and it took ages before I could decide. I decided to go for the bog standard Otto-speck which was burger with bacon, and some “fresh fries” on the side.

There was just one guy working there – he yelled out that his coworker was out and so service would be a bit slower. But he was really friendly and we spoke a bit in German which is always nice.

After a while, our burgers arrived. Holy cow, they were amazing. It really was the best burger I’d had in Frankfurt. The beef was delicious, and the bacon was great. The bun wasn’t too cheap nor hard and the size of the whole thing was big enough to feel a challenge but not so big that it was ridiculous. 10/10.

The chips, however.

We’d assumed that they were homemade since they were labeled “fresh” on the menu but these were really cheap, from-frozen chips and were disappointing all round, even with the amazing truffle mayo.

Food aside, there was also a really great selection of bottled beers and soft drinks that I think I can safely label ‘hipster’. It was all very, very good.

I would most certainly go back to Burger Meister again…just ordering a burger next time though!

Find it at Dreieichstraße 20, 60594 Frankfurt am Main.

Nordlicht Frankfurt


My colleagues and I, we like cocktails. Actually, I much prefer red wine most of the time but I don’t mind being dragged out for alcoholic beverages on a Friday night.

One such cocktail joint I was dragged to is Nordlicht in Nordend, Frankfurt. Quite a small place inside, but the staff are pretty cheery and it was good enough to make me want to share the recommendation with you all!

I went there and drank wine, but if you’re in a cocktaily mood be sure to know what you like because there is no cocktail menu – you just tell the staff what you want.

We all had food and it all was really great. I really loved my salad and it didn’t make me feel like I was missing out on ‘read’ food at all.

Now that the weather is warming up, I think it’d be a lovely place to sit and have a drink and I believe they have a great brunch menu too so it’s another Frankfurt brunch option.

Find Nordlicht at Koselstr. 2-4, Nordend Frankfurt. They’re closed on Mondays.

Burger Baby – Frankfurt


I’d been to Burger Baby a looooong time ago but wanted to try it out again. I remembered there being great food but the restaurant not having that much air circulation so it smelt really greasy in there.

It hadn’t changed much. The air was a little less yucky, but still very greasy smelling. But the burgers. OH the burgers.

They make the patties right there in front of you which is awesome. Nothing is hidden and all the toppings and so on are right there in front of you, prepared freshly. I had avocado and bacon with my small burger and it was SO yummy.

The chips were also very good, nice and fresh and not too salty. As for customer service, the guys working there were really friendly AND replied to my German in German, which, as you know, always makes me happy.

Definitely in my top 3 burgers in Frankfurt – and a must for burger lovers!

You can find Burger Baby in Bornheim at Höhenstraße 24, 60385 Frankfurt am Main

Buzzano Frankfurt


It was a Saturday night and I had nothing to do. I hate wasting a good weekend night so I grabbed the only person on Facebook chat who was free and dragged him out for some protein – STEAK. I did a little googling and I fell for the hipstery charms of Buzzano’s website.

We arrived at Buzzano’s and was instantly made to feel super super awkward at how posh it all is. For a last minute decision for steak with a guy-friend, it sure was starting to feel like a very stuffy date… I kept apologising to my friend over and over until we were served.

The waiter looked like a butler that time had forgotten. With unforgivingly fast German, he made no attempts to make sure I was ordering exactly what I wanted. I had the lady steak and a side salad, my friend had the caesar salad. They were very expensive, and nothing to write home about. Much sad.


The only good point I can give about Buzzano is that the bill came in a funky little chair that also had chocolates in it. Nice move there.

Find Buzzano at An der Welle 3, 60322 Frankfurt am Main

More Tea, Vicar?


In Dublin I had SO MUCH TEA. I was there only just a short time but I felt like I was constantly drinking the stuff! If (more like when) I find myself back there I’d love to do a kind of tea-crawl and try as many tea shops as possible. But until then, here are my favourite tea shops that I visited in December.

First we have a place that I hate myself for liking. The shop in the photo above had by far the best tea (pear and cinnamon) AND great staff, BUT Bono of U2 fame is the landlord and I really hate knowing that my money is going to him! The Joy of Cha can be found in Temple Bar.


I didn’t go to the main Bewley’s shop (because it was always too crowded) but I managed to find a little branch of it. I went in mainly because they boasted that they’d won some kind of coffee foam art contest, so I ordered a laté thinking that it would come with something special on top. Judging from what came to me compared to what went to the girls next to me, I had ordered the wrong thing haha. Still, it was pretty!


AND the mince pies there were awesome! OM NOM NOM!


On a walk near to St Stephen’s Green, I found a great cafe called Goose on the Loose. It’s a really nice, relaxed place.


The queen of all the tea shops in Dublin, however, is Queen of Tarts. Don’t go for the busy main street cafe of theirs, and instead walk a few minutes down the road to their second, bigger shop. It’s much easier to get a table and you get much better service as the waitresses aren’t as rushed. I loved their tea sets, and the selection of cakes made it very difficult to choose!

Do you have a favourite tea spot in Dublin?