Back Home – Thoughts on Solo Travelling



So I’m back home in Germany now, where my sunburn stings under my layers of clothes against the cold snowy air. I didn’t blog in the last few days, even though I could have, because I felt really rotten about the whole trip. I was in a real funk and not even blogging could have brought me out of it.

So, what went wrong? India is an amazing country, and Goa is a lovely area, but I think the key thing wrong with my trip was that I went alone. Most of the unpleasant things that I experienced could have been avoided had there been someone with me, for example, someone saying “hey, sleepyhead, don’t brush your teeth with tap water” or “do you think you should be eating that?” I had a massage from a shop (as opposed to on the beach) and it was a guy doing the massage. I’ll speak more about it later, but it got a little inappropriate and I think had there been someone (or a guy) with me, he would not have felt able to do that to me.

I met some really great people there, so I didn’t feel lonely, I just felt vulnerable. I would still travel alone again, and I love travelling alone, but I think for an “level: difficult” country like India, it is best to have someone there to look over your shoulder and to take care of each other.

That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy my time in India – I really did. In fact, I was just in Rewe and I got a pang of sadness when I was picking out a morning fruit juice for the week and I thought that a little over 24 hours ago I had the choice of all the juices in the world available to me for no more than a euro. And I miss the local people who came to speak with me just because they were interested in me – the taxi driver at the hotel who (I think) almost proposed to me, the rare market women who were speaking with me not just because they wanted me to buy something, the kind friend who took me to an Indian wedding.

Before I went away, when people asked if I was going to India for business or for fun I would reply that it was for neither – that I was going for an adventure. India certainly gave me that; it pushed me to my limits, took me out of my comfort zone and made me think about things like how I cope around things like a drug scene. I’m sure I will post about these things in the coming days, but for the time being, I am shattered after 24 hours of travelling (there was a delay on my flight to London, so I had to stay put there overnight as well).

But as they say – it’s all good stuff for the memoirs.