A Trip to Mainz


To kickstart my new year of travelling, I decided to take a step out of Frankfurt for the day (which I have rarely done) and have a look around Mainz with two girlfriends. We laughed to see that there was still a very small Christmas market – with most of the drinks all sold out and just a dribble of mulled wine left!

I have to be honest with you – Mainz was boring. Very very boring. But what it did have going for it was lots of street art/sculptures/things to look at. Like this fountain.




Can you spot the real dog?


Mainz cathedral had a really sinister vibe to it. The decor and things inside were pretty spooky…


Like this one here with the fat dude in the middle with Jesus on the cross and the skeleton beside him.


We spent FOREVER trying to find the roman theatre!


But this is all we found when we eventually got there…


For me, the highlight of the day was St Stephen’s church.



Which had gorgeous blue stained glass windows. It really was beautiful, and we got there just at sunset so it was simply gorgeous.

I think Mainz is a place for the summer/carnival time. Not really for the winter… for how much they try and attract tourists, their signage wasn’t so good, and there weren’t THAT many things to do. Maybe I should go again in the summer and try again…

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10 thoughts on “A Trip to Mainz

  1. The streets & this kind of houses – i like that. I guess it depends on what you are looking for when you go on a city trip. I simply enjoy wandering around, enjoying the spirit of the city ect. Great fotos.

  2. First. Your grammer: “Mainz was boring.” Correct would be, not the past but the singular present indicative. “Mainz IS boring.” It’s a most beautiful, idyllic, lovely little boring place.
    The real dog? You photoshopped that down into the restaurant, admit it. hahaha. Go on.
    Nice to see you you’re having fun. The Rheinland is fantastic. :-)

  3. Haha, yeah Mainz is kind of boring. I went in December when the Weihnachtsmarkt was in full swing, so after looking around (which didn’t take long) we just spent the rest of the afternoon drinking Glühwein :-D

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