Essence 24h Hand Protection Balm


I read about these drink scented hand cremes from the lovely Luchessa and just HAD to go check them out. I love Essence stuff – so cheap, so good! And mixed with my favourite drinks – Gingerbread chai late AND caramel hot chocolate?! I needed these in my life.

At a bargain price (they weren’t even a Euro!), I remembered why I love Essence and their fab prices – and the creams are pretty good for that price, too! I mean, for less than a Euro you shouldn’t expect some amazing miracle cream, but what you do get are pretty soft hands and yummy scents! I must admit, the gingerbread one smells really sickly – and slightly¬†plastic-y too, so much so it’s not my favourite thing. But the chocolate one really is yummy smelling.

If you are in Germany, head over to your local Essence selling store and check them out!