Review – Sushimoto, Frankfurt


Before Christmas I met up with the gorgeous Yolande for some yummy Japanese lunch! We went to Sushimoto, which I’d been meaning to go to for a long time since seeing it on the wonderful food blog written by my friend Toshi.

We went on a regular Thursday and it was pretty busy – it wasn’t packed with people, but the staff seemed really rushed. The waitress was pretty rude with us and I wasn’t happy about that, and my chosen lunch (the unagi – eel) wasn’t available to me. Never mind, I chose some mackerel instead.


The food was really delicious, but as you can see, it didn’t come all at once so I had all the side dishes first and then the fish last.

The pricing of food was mid to high, and so I did expect a little higher level of service. However the food was authentic and tasted as good as if I was in Japan again. The chefs have obviously experienced Japan, but perhaps the waitresses could do with a visit to see how customers should be treated!!

I’d like to give this place another go because it could be that they were busy on that one day.

You can find Sushimoto at -

Eingang: Gr.Friedberger Str.
(The Westin Grand Frankfurt)
60313 Frankfurt