Paris on Christmas Day


One of the things that drew me to Paris over Christmas was that I was quite excited for the “challenge” of doing things in Paris on Christmas day. The night before my friend and I made a plan so that we could still manage with left over bananas or things stolen from the hotel’s breakfast if the local restaurants weren’t open.

We needn’t have made those plans.

As soon as I exited my hotel on Christmas morning, my nose caught the most delicious smell, and I found an open bakery. I was pretty sad that my quest for food had been so easy… And with that we set out to find things to do. We took a walk around the Louvre, and into Cité – where there were a surprising amount of shops still open. Not just bakeries and cake shops but also regular shops too. Looking in the windows of the gorgeous antique shops was also pretty fun.

I was surprised at how many people were out and about – I’d wanted to take a photo of a Parisian street with no people on it, but it was just as busy as on any other day. Not just Asian tourists, too – Western tourists and even locals were milling around, eating, drinking and just relaxing on Christmas Day.

The area around St Michel was all alive and kicking and there were endless opportunities for dinner. All in all, it was quite a let down on how easy the whole day was!

If you are planning to visit Paris over Christmas in the future, I’d say go for it – as you can see, there were no problems at all. And I certainly had an amazing time there during the festive period! In my research before I went I saw a lot of websites saying that nothing would be open and that I had to book a table at an expensive restaurant in order to eat – that’s all crazy talk. I booked nothing and managed – and you can too!