Bubble Tea – Nom Nom

NEWNESS! I’m starting a new feature on here where I go round reviewing all the bubble tea shops in Frankfurt.

Bubble tea is huge here. I used to drink it all the time in Japan – with tapioca, not these new popping ones. I love it. But it’s not reached the UK (to my knowledge…) just yet. Last time I checked, they were still on the whole ‘make a milkshake from a chocolate bar’ thing.

But anyway, myself and Dove from Sparrow and Dove have taken it upon ourselves to go and taste test and inform you where to go for the best drinks!

First up is Nom Nom – a place fairly central, located next to a delightfully named sexshop called “Inside Her”.

We liked it here – the girl was pretty friendly and the tea was nice. I liked that they used soy milk and had real tapioca, and Dove liked the wide range of “popping boba”. She also didn’t fill it right up with ice either – which makes it really hard to get to all the tapioca/boba at the end.

I had caramel with tapioca and Dove had green apple milk tea with passionfruit boba.

Here are our scores (/10) for Nom Nom:

Price – 6 (4.19 for Dove’s and 3.99 for mine)

Range – 8

Taste – 7

Bubbles – 9

Drink – 8

Total – 38

You can find Nom Nom at Stiftstraße 9-17, 60313 Frankfurt am Main.

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4 thoughts on “Bubble Tea – Nom Nom

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  2. Whoah didn’t know bubble tea is huge in frankfurt! that’s awesome :D If I ever visit there I’ll know where to find something to feed my Asian lifestyle. But I cannot read the menu at all….
    Looks yummy, craving bubble tea now!

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