The Night Train

Every night at about 10.30 there is a train that goes from Frankfurt main station to Moscow. One day, I want to take this train. I always like being nosy and seeing what kinds of people are taking that train each night by looking into the windows as I go by.

There always seems to be people stood talking in the entrances to the train though. I guess it’s a cheap way home for some of the Russian community who live in Frankfurt.

Makeup Review – Rimmel Sexy Curves and Me Me Me Fat Cat Mascaras

That was a long post title…

Anyway… When I was back home, my (13 year old) little sister had some amazing mascara on. I asked her what brand it was and she said how she combines two to get the benefits of both of their abilities. It’s a pretty cool idea – one I hadn’t thought of before. So, I decided to try it out with these two mascaras that I had previously thought were kinda duds…

First up is Rimmel’s Sexy Curves mascara. I bought this a while back when I made a little back track from department store mascaras to drug store ones. As you can see, the brush is fairly uniquely shaped.

It makes my eyelashes very long – but also clumps them all together. It’s easy to use though – and the ball on the end means that it’s really easy to get into the corners of your eyes and get those little lashes on the ends.

On its own it’s … ok. Just ok. Probably worth the money but nothing to write home about. You’ll get long lashes but barely any body  (although it says that it gives “full volume and curves”…)

Me Me Me Fat Cat mascara – I bought this when I went home to England around the Jubilee. I’d never heard of the brand Me Me Me (or is it MeMeMe?) and it was really cheap in Superdrug so I thought I’d give it a whirl.

The brush is nothing special, but it works quite well on my lashes, really separating them and giving them full volume. However, it does nothing to lengthen them. On its own it is pretty meh but well worth the money (I think it was under 5 pounds).

When I put on the Sexy Curves mascara on top of the Fat Cat mascara… it combines to make ONE AWESOME MASCARA! You get all the body of the Fat Cat, with the length of the Sexy Curves! Genius! And since both mascaras are pretty cheap, it’s not really breaking the bank at all.

Do you combine mascaras? If so, which ones?

Frankfurt Pro Tip – Library Cases

The other day while walking in Bornheim, I noticed this funny little book case. I thought that it was just a display cabinate until a little boy walked up to it, looked inside and then pulled a book out to take away with him!

As Mister is quite the German boffin these days, I asked him to explain what the sign said and apparently these are library cases. You can take books from them as long as you bring them back, or replace them with other books. The one above is near to Bornheim Mitte station and had a couple of English books.

A week or so later, I noticed that there is one of these cases right opposite my apartment!! This one had a couple of English books in there too!

It’d be nice to share books with people, so I’d like to put books into the case next time I’m there. Maybe one day something I want to read will turn up (or even, maybe one day I’ll be able to read German!!!!)

If you’re in Frankfurt, keep an eye out for these cases!

Swagat – Pizza AND Curry?!

I had a problem the other week – a girlfriend of mine wanted to go out for pizza… but I can’t eat wheat, so I had to find a pizza place that did other things as well (preferably that wasn’t Urban Kitchen… because I ALWAYS end up going there).

A colleague of mine recommended Swagat – which specialises in both pizza and curry! Perfect!

As it turned out, my friend didn’t go for the pizza and had some soup and samosas instead, so we both had things from the Indian menu. I had a chicken korma and rice.

The food was pretty good – and nicely priced too. At around 7 euros for a curry, you can’t really complain! The portion sizes were just right, too. The taste was ok… not as good as the kormas you find back home in England (I was hoping for a taste to remind me of home) but it was nicely done. I think I was hoping for something a lot more gloopy and sweet, which is of course not the way these things are supposed to be.

As it’s on Kaiserstrasse, it’s a great place to sit and do some good people watching. I recommend taking a seat outside, but beware of German smokers as it’s perfectly find to smoke outside at restaurant tables.

I’d really like to head back there again and try some more of their food. Aside from the buffet curry that we have on Fridays at work, I’ve not really had any curry here – certainly not any good quality curries. It’d be interesting to look into other curry places round the city as well.

You can find Swagat at the top side of Kaiserstrasse, a short walk from Willy-Brandt-Platz station.

Accessorize Bronzer

When I was back home I bought sooooo much makeup. Well… I bought so much in general…

One of the new things that I found was the range of makeup by Accessorize. I LOVE Accessorize jewelry.. I have done ever since I was in upper school and would wait and wait for a sale so I could afford their stuff, and then I loved it some more when they opened a shop in Harajuku and even even more when they had an awesome delivery service throughout Japan. It makes me feel at home no matter where I am in the world.

So, I thought I’d try out some of their makeup too! I bought the bronzer block in shade 1.

Now here is where I make my confession. Before now, I have never owned bronzer. I know. How bad am I?

But I am super fair and so it’s just not worth it because it will always look so unnatural on me and also, I like having really pale skin. It suits me, and I don’t want to look orange. But this bronzer is mixed with some pink blush, which acts as a little helping hand for me in this new world of bronzer.

It comes with a little brush – making it not unlike powder sold by Benefit (whom I guess they wanted to copy). But the brush was flimsy and really bad quality so I chucked that away and used the nice brush I got with my GlossyBox last month.

The brush was the only downside though as it goes on beautifully and it looks so lovely on my skin. I’d been using Benefit’s tint blush for months but it’s sitting gathering dust right now as this bronzer works as a blush and a bronzer all in one. It brings so much colour to my face, without looking unnatural, either.

I had a little look in the Accessories in My Zeil but they didn’t have this particular item in, but if you are in the UK it seems that Superdrug are having a sale with this item right now and it’s only 3 pounds! For that price, I really recommend it! This is perfect for bronzing beginners like myself or for blush addicts who want a little bit of spice to their colour.

GlossyBox June 2012 (Germany)

I know I’m supposed to at least try the products out a little bit before I blog about them but I picked up my GlossyBox today and am pretty outraged so would like to post about it right away.

My box contained -

Alessandro yellow nail varnish

A small pot but it looks fairly decent. I have a Barry M yellow varnish so it’d be nice to compare the two.

Cartier Baiser Vole perfume

Initial tests show that it smells fairly decent. I might wear this to work tomorrow – it’s a very ‘me’ smell… florally and girly.

Iobella face cloth

A very small, soft face cloth. I couldn’t understand the German in the instructions but luckily someone else had blogged about it and so Chrome translated their post! You just add water and wash your face with it, apparently. I’ll give it a go tomorrow night.

Kryolan Satin Powder eye dust

Looks to be a pretty colour. I’ve never heard of the brand before – sounds like a mad scientist’s name…

… And finally, the offending product…

Tiroler Nut Oil sunblock

In SPF6. 6!!! Who in the halibut uses SPF 6 these days?! I am almost certain that I filled in a questionnaire when I joined this – they should know that I have very fair skin. Even if I didn’t have very fair skin, using SPF 6 in an oil is just asking for skin cancer!! They should be ashamed of themselves – they ought to be promoting safer, healthier beauty. Not making us fry to a crisp. Am I missing something? Is this a German thing?


I opened this tonight in the cinema before Sneak Preview to show my friends how great GlossyBox is. I wish I hadn’t as it was embarrassing. I can’t even tell which is the full sized item here. And that nut oil…

Last month’s GlossyBox was really great – I loved the shampoo and conditioner in it. But this month’s makes me question whether I want to spend out money on this. I really hope this isn’t the way they do things round here…


Crazy Golf

Have you ever played golf on a fully set dinner table? No, neither had I until I found Minds on Minigolf in the Zeil Galerie!

Thinking it would make a nice date, Mister and I set of for a round or two.

It only costs 5 euros each for a game, and there are about 10 different courses to try. If it hadn’t been for me realising that I am terrible at crazy golf and having a paddy in the middle of the place and giving up (!!!) we could have had a whole hour’s fun there. But it ended up with me having a go and then sitting to watch Mister show me how it’s done…

There are a wide range of crazy courses, from the table top one, to this messy bedroom one. They were all pretty difficult!!

The last course had this monster to overcome! You need someone else to man the rope seen on the left here, so that the ball can complete the circle. Mister is awesome and managed to do even this challenging finale.

It’s pretty good fun if you’re not completely useless like I am, and for 5 euros it’s a really good bargain!

You can find Minds on Minigolf in Zeil Galerie, in between My Zeil and the Galeria department store.

Natural Skin Care

A Nintendo colleague invited me to the opening of his girlfriend’s new natural cosmetics shop. Of course, I was there with bells on!

Her shop sells the Dr Hauschka range of cosmetics and toiletries. I’d never heard of Dr Hauschka before, but as I was gazing at the shelves a Nintendo friend came up to me and was so enthusiastic about the brand, telling me how once you’ve used the lip balm, you’ll never want to use anything else. Coming from a guy, I thought it must be magical stuff! Unfortunately the lip balms ran out within 30 minutes of the shop opening :-(

After speaking with the owner, Doreen (who is super lovely and speaks English as well as German), I bought some of the rose face moisturiser. This goes very well with my rose obsession right now. After having a wonderful sample of rose moisturiser in my JolieBox last month, I’ve been keen to see if other rose products will help my skin. It’s said that rose calms angry skin, and with the sample, I found this to be true. I have used the Dr Hauschka cream once or twice (I want to use up what I have opened before moving onto something new) and I can say that it really works wonders on my skin. My redness has faded, and my skin is just silky smooth. It comes in a small tube, but a tiny pea-sized amount covers your whole face so it’ll last me a long time.

They also have massages and facials there, too! A facial was around 40 Euros, and I’m considering getting one when pay day comes around. You can add a back massage onto the end of the facial for a little extra.

Everyone who went to the shop bought something there and I’ve not heard a single complaint from anyone. Mister bought a different face cream, a friend bought the lip balm, my flatmate bought the foundation.. and all say they love their products. I was given samples of the lemon grass body cream and the scent was lovely and lasted all day, so I think I’ll be getting some of that next time, along with the lip balm!!

The shop’s name is Wohlgemut naturkosmetik and you can find it at Vogelsbergstraße 28 60316 Frankfurt am Main – on the edge of Bornheim, and near to Friedberger Platz tram stop. **If she is giving massages out the back, the shop might be closed but on Fridays from 5 to 7 she is open purely as a shop so you can be sure she’ll be open then.